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An American History & Government Seminar
Bridgeway Christian Church
Rocklin, CA

If you are interested in learning more about the True and Miraculous events which led to the founding of the United States —


Over 3,000 years ago ancient Israel had no king but the God of the Bible. They rejected His sovereignty and sought a king like their neighbors.


Our nation is the only nation in all the history of nations which was founded by a free people choosing to have no sovereign but the God of the Bible.

Our nation is the only nation consciously and purposely founded upon Biblical principles among all the nations in the history of nations.

Our nation is thus the only nation presented to God for His demonstration of the fruit of such principles. Those fruit dwarfed that of any other Civil Government System in the history of nations.

Our nation has drifted from the principles up on which it was founded and her citizens have all but given up the “dominion” they once held over their government.

We have forgotten our “roots” and worse, we have thus permitted ourselves and our children to believe lies regarding our nation’s founding.

Like individuals in such situations, our nation must be “born again.” Our nation, once a nation under God, must renew her commitment.

That requires that WE learn again the principles upon which our nation was founded. Her citizens must once more understand Christian Self-Government.

A major “AMERICAN HISTORY & GOVERNMENT STUDY SEMINAR” has been scheduled. This seminar will be led by outstanding individuals in the field of American Christian History and Biblical Principles of Government. The unique character and quality of these seminars has gained them a national reputation for excellence.

ACH will hold the TBA seminar in Rocklin, California (Sacramento area).

Seminar participants will be expected to commit themselves to four days of intensive study from 9 to 9. Your schedule will include lectures, directed study, breaks, and refreshment activities.

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  • To present principles of Biblical government.
  • To illustrate the hand of God in His story.
  • To understand the logic of good government.

Among Topics to be studied from this three-fold
viewpoint are:

  • How to recognize the unique principles that make our system work.
  • Why the qualities of self-government have always determined the form of civil government.
  • The character qualities our founders felt would be necessary for continued American liberty.
  • Our American form of local government in the context of world history.
  • An understanding of local government versus centralized authority.
  • Unity with diversity — liberty of association.

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You must obtain Seminar Texts.
$ 45/person – Registration with Application (Registration fee not refundable.)
$100/person – Tuition (Waived for Staff.)
$145/Total – (Advance payment appreciated.)
– Lectures may be audited for $17.50 each.
– Study Seminar Staff pay only $45.
– Commissioning Banquet included in registration fee.
– A limited number of staff positions are available.
– Meals are available. If you wish, bring your own.
– Hospitality in local homes is available, gratis.
– CDs will be available for $7.50 each, or $100 for the full set.


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James Rose

Jim Rose has been actively teaching master teachers American Christian history, government,and education since 1970. He is President of the American Christian History Institute of Palo Cedro, CA, a religious and educational foundation, and Superintendent of American Christian Academy Extension Campus, a PSP for over 500 families in Northern California. Mr. Rose is author of the classic curriculum resource, A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School: The Principle Approach.

Belinda Beth Ballenger

Miss Ballenger, Founder and Director of Noah Webster Educational Foundation, master teacher for 30 years and frequent teacher on radio and TV, makes God’s action in history “come alive.” She directed Restore American Institute in Ohio, and represented F.A.C.E. across the country for seven years. In 1985, she received a personal commendation from Congressman Jack Kemp for writing A Family Study on the Life of George Washington, and in 1998, the Verna M. Hall Christian History Research Award for “Storytelling.” Miss Ballenger completed the first written curriculum for the Rudiments of America’s Christian History and Government.

Ben Gilmore

Mr. Gilmore, whose papers have had nationwide distribution, is also involved in education. The Principles of America’s true history and government are incorporated into his newspaper column. He and his wife founded ACH Study Groups and Parent Educators’ Resource Center, supplementing the efforts of home educators, As a staff member of Youth With a Mission, he and his family have been around the world. He is also active in local government, having been nominated several times for legislative office.

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The Bible

Christian History of the Constitution Vol. i
by Verna M. Hall ……………………………………… $ 36.50*

Teaching & Learning America’s Christian History
by Rosalie J. Slater …………………………………. $ 36.50*

Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary
(optional but recommended) …………………………… $ 48.40*

Large three-ring binder with ruled paper and dividers.

*Plus shipping rates at time of purchase.
Order online at to receive these discount prices using Coupon Code “ACH.”
Discover, VISA, or MC

800-352-3223 •

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“Wisdom” is the word assigned to each of the three New Testament Greek words: sophis, phonesis, sunesis.

Translated into general meanings, one gets “bigpicture, practics, mechanics.”

The faculty members are master teachers, each gifted in one of these three fields.

The curriculum is built upon seven Biblical principles, each approached in turn from these three viewpoints.

The material used to illustrate these principles is that which God used to inspire those who founded our nation.

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Registration begins at 8 a.m. and should be completed at 9 a.m., Wednesday, July 11 (the first day of the seminar).

Seminar location will be at Bridgeway Christian Church, Rocklin, California.

Housing for those requesting it will be gratis as guests of local residents. PLEASE request hospitality in advance.

Those accepting hospitality should arrive the evening before registration, as a courtesy to their hosts. Check in by telephone at the headquarters.

If you wish to be met, YOU MUST INFORM US OF YOUR ARRIVAL PLANS. Those flying in will be met at the appropriate airport:

Sacramento Airport

Private Aircraft: Lincoln Regional Aircraft.

Download an Application | Apply Online


Correspondence and inquiries may be directed to:
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ACH Study Groups
7659 Gingerblossom Dr.
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Voice: 916-722-2501

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