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The state of our union – with Christ

--By Ben Gilmore

My nomination for greatest master-teacher in the field of Providential History and Governmental Principle – – James Rose, American Christian History Institute.

Like so many of those involved in restoring awareness of the subject, Mr. Rose studied under FACE (Miss Hall & Miss Slater). Their wisdom and foresight impress me more each day I study and teach! James Rose authored, “A guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School.” [1987]

On page 10 of, “A Guide …” is a quote from another master-teacher who was inspired by FACE – Miss Kathy Dang:

“In ignorance, Christians are aiding and abetting anti-Christianity in America. More than any other factor, it is the weakness of Christian character and scholarship that is responsible for this country’s apostasy from its founding Christian principles of education, government and economics.

“The pagan remains true to paganism. Spiritual backsliding is a believer’s trait, not a pagan’s. The dissolution of Christian character has resulted from generations of unbiblical education among Christian institutions of teaching and learning.

“Christians are duped to believe that the ‘forces without’ are mightier and inevitable; thus they isolate themselves, calling it separation, only to breed more cowards after their own kind.1 The battle is within; the enemy is within the camp; that enemy is American Christianity’s own ignorance to effect superior spiritual armerments.

“Impotent and unequipped to supplant or displace, Christians tacitly consent to creeping socialistic policies in their own institutions: homes, churches, and schools, advancing the kingdom of Satan.

“The need is for a soul-searching of content and methods in pastoring and teaching, to consider their implications for home, church, school and state.

“The need is for a generation of American Christians who know God and His word, and by their own scholarship know how to implement their knowledge. It is the duty of Christian educators to lead in advance of their students, not only to stem the tide of anti-Christian socialism, but to seek an effective alternative in schooling parents, pastors, businessmen, and statesmen. American Christianity must first sanctify itself before this nation can be purged of her enemies and reclaimed for Christ.”

Hmm – I wonder what she really thinks! I have always respected Miss Dang for her no-nonsense teaching. There is more to the quote – but you get the idea. Mr. Rose adds the footnote:

1There is, of course, a Biblical basis for separation – ecclesiastically, morally and socially (II Cor. 6:14-18), but the emphasis here is on false isolation in the name of separation. …

If what I have quoted (and endorsed) from Miss Dang rings true to the reader, it will surely inspire and encourage efforts to humbly cooperate with God’s efforts to “heal our land” [II Chron 7:14].

If, on the other hand, the reader reacts against the challenge and wishes to contradict her / our view of the American church – or has the view that America is beyond redemption and needs to dissolve and get out of the way of “providence” – I suggest not throwing rocks at the messenger because you dislike the message.

Permit me, please, a last quote concerning “The state of our union – with Christ

The Astonishing Accomplishment of Christianity

"In proportion as Americans let go of faith in the absolute power of God, they have accepted the belief in an all powerful State. This is true of peoples or nations, for their idea of God determines the form of their civil, political, religious and social institutions . . . Each religion has a form of government, and Christianity astonished the world by establishing self-government . . . . Reading and studying American history revealed the fact that this nation is unique; it had a singular beginning; it has the sacred covenant of individual freedom or local self-government in all spheres entrusted to its care."

Verna Hall, The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States: Christian Self-government, 1960, pp II-III

Ben Gilmore
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