2013-10-06 Lies & Deception

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October 6, 2013

This is a letter to our friends –

Lies & Deception

· MINUTES AFTER the House passes bill to pay furloughed workers, Democrats characterize it as a signal Republicans want the partial shutdown to continue, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid saying the message to those workers is, ‘you just stay home…watch TV, play chess…because we won’t let you work.’

Those in favor of nationalized health care and the power that goes with it are demonstrating that they are not bound by truth and reason. Several years ago, they bullied Obamacare through the legislature in clear opposition to American rejection of nationalized health care.

In response, many moderate and leftist law-makers were replaced with strong conservative freshmen. It took a while for them to learn to use the authority their constituents had given them. The Constitution states that every spending bill (proposed law) MUST originate in the House then go to the Senate for approval. No approval – No law.

Next (usual) step, a committee from both House and Senate sit down to hash out a bill they both agree on. If it passes the House then the Senate – The proposed spending bill goes to the President who signs it into law – or – vetoes it (rejects it) and challenges the lawmakers to gather enough votes to make it law without his signature.

All the bills needed to fund government projects (park rangers, soldiers, etc.) have been kicked down the road for years, rather than hash out a budget that makes the hard decisions. The House has produced numerous budgets, but the Senators don’t want to make spending cuts in order to balance a budget.

Instead, when the deadline comes up (like this month) The house makes a giant catch-all called a “Continuing Resolution” (CR). That authorizes the government to keep on keeping on WITHOUT a budget.

“Moderate” (go along to get along) Republicans have maneuvered for years to lead the House and Senate caucuses (all members in a party). For the first time in a long time, the House has stood its ground, thanks to the “Tea Party” representatives that held their leaders’ (Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy) feet to the fire.

The Republican House members (Republican caucus) have majority authority over spending bills. Democrats are accustomed to finding enough “squishy” Republican representatives to get a majority. Not this time – with Obamacare! Politicians know they will face voter wrath if they support funding Obamacare.

Power is far more addictive than heroin! Democrats for years have coveted control of health care. They have lied, cheated and stolen to get it this far. What American’s want is second to the power addiction. BUT – Losing the 2014 election is also a threat to their power.

All that to say this – Recognize the lies and deception. This is a life or death confrontation between power junkies and American’s will to be free and independent of “nanny” government..

Do what is right because it is right!

The results will take care of themselves!

The alternative is chaos and slavery.

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