2014-05-04 Steve Long needs our prayers

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May 11, 2014

This is a letter to our friends –

Steve Long needs our prayers

A long-time friend, Steve Long (& wife Vicky – sons Peter& John) with roots in YWAM, is in need of our prayers. Dr. Long leads “International Student Christian Outreach” (ISCO) on the Stanford campus. Steve also leads the “Champions Education Association” ministry in Taiwan. Over there, his ministry is a very big deal for the Lord.

Vicky writes –

Dear Family and Friends,

Shalom, God’s abundant life’s blessings to you today.

It is early morning. I want to update you while I have internet access and before we have a busy day of meetings. I have more info now. Steve had a massive heart attack during the night or early morning of May 1. He was in a friend’s apartment by himself so we still have to wait for Steve to be able to tell us what happened. He did not show up for his university class in the morning. James, his interpreter immediately tried to call him – no answer. So he called another Champions staff, Victor, who lives close to the apartment. Victor immediately went to the apartment. He knocked on the door and Steve was able to come and open it and fall onto the floor asking for 911. Here in Taiwan that is 119. He was unconscious with a trail of vomit from the bedroom to the front door. The ambulance came asap.

The doctors had to defibrillate him 7 times. His heart stopped 3 times during their attempts to revive him. They had to do bi-pass surgery. 7 hours surgery.

I arrived at Taiwan airport at 11pm. His surgery had ended at 9:30pm. I was taken immediately to the ICU to see him and pray for him with several of our Taiwan Champions family, Shirley Wong and Elizabeth. KC was already there. We prayed and then had to go. He has limited visiting.

The doctor said the most critical time has passed. Now he has to stabilize. The problem now is the blood thinners he has been taking for his heart. This is causing him to bleed more. He has tubes in his nose and his mouth and those are very uncomfortable. His leg hurts where they took the vein for the bi-pass. He has sleeping medicine through IV to keep him peaceful and pain medicine too.

It was recommended that I attend our meetings and give the speeches and messages because, I cannot see him. He gets too emotional when he sees visitors and it disrupts his peaceful time of resting and healing. So we have staff who are keeping close watch while he sleeps. I am doing the meetings – a full schedule.

Please pray with us for Steve’s complete healing asap.

Please pray for me to have the ability to do all the meetings and have a very inspiring message from God for everyone.

Peter and John are doing very well at Becky’s home. I am able to skype and talk with them. Please pray for them to be at peace and be able to focus on getting their end of year school testing done well.

Thank you again for your prayer support. It is greatly appreciated.

God is good all the time. He has a purpose and plan for everything. There is a time and a season for all things. We pray that you are in a good season with God Your loving heavenly Father.



Vicky’s e-dress is vicky.lynn.long@gmail.com I will send updates. Please join us in prayer.

Ben & Fran

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