2014-05-12 A product demands a producer

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May 12, 2014

This is a letter to our friends –

A product demands a producer

Bryan (Christian) College in eastern Tennessee, recently added a clarification to its statement of beliefs:

“We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve, …

They are historical persons created by God in a special formative act,

and not from previously existing life forms.”

It is a sad thing, that such a move created a firestorm of controversy and several professors have chosen to resign.

The original title for this blog post was – “How big is your God?” I believe science and revelation (the Bible) come from the same source and will never be in conflict. Jerry Coyne, a well-known evolutionist professor at the University of Chicago, alleged that the school’s statement flies in the face of “science.” “As soon as you say something about the historicity of Genesis, science education is compromised.” said Coyne.

Well – la-dee-dah! Let us have a look at “historicity1” and “science.” If Professor Coyne’s views of “science education” are accepted, the inspired word of God is compromised!

Let us take anything that exists – a guitar for example. Put all the materials for that guitar into a box (wood, string, glue, lacquer, screws, etc.) and shake it for a very long time. Would we ever get a tuned guitar? Of course not. The existence of the guitar demands that there be a guitar-maker.

Further – By carefully studying the guitar we may discover much about the guitar-maker – perhaps even his name! Thus I conclude this truth from observation and reason: Every product demands and reveals its producer. Random chance (i.e. evolution which denies the hand of God) is an absurd denial of truth. Intelligent design is demanded by the superb complexity and function of every product we choose to investigate.

Which is more reasonable: The first human grew from a primordial ovum – or – a super intelligence designed and created “Adam” from the materials available. How would a fetus survive – vs. – How old did “Adam” appear moments after his creation? Thus, a virtual history was created with these events. The trees in the first garden would have tree rings, the light rays from the newly created heavens would exist at the same instant of the light source creation.

Bottom line, “How big is your God?”

1 Historicity is study of the historical actuality of persons and events … [Wikipedia]

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