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2014-05-22 For your pastor

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May 22, 2014

This is a letter to our friends –

For your pastor

Please consider giving a copy of this paper to your pastor – But First – have an attitude check!

“Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant?” [Romans 14:4] God’s shepherds carry an awesome responsibility for the condition of their flock. One day, they must stand all alone at the Lord’s judgment seat and answer for their role as shepherd. Shepherds need our help and encouragement – NOT – criticism and judgment!

Colonial pastors routinely preached “Election Sermons.” Candidates and elected officials would be placed on the front pew and listen to the pastor bring a biblical message outlining the responsibilities and limitations of their office.

Such sermons were printed and published. Today, it is not hard to find copies of election sermons in colonial archives. However; American churches in today’s American culture have little influence, direct or even indirect, with civil-government. There should be no question, that needs correcting.

It appears to me that shepherds have two sorts of problems in “leading.”

· How can they “lead” if the flock does not choose to follow?

· When the flock is already moving, they must rush to the front to be the “leader”.

Many sheep have chosen to shun knowledge and understanding of civil matters. Thus – They choose not to register and vote. I suggest the following solution – –

The county Registrar of Voters can supply the names and addresses of every candidate on the ballot for the church’s address. Issue an open invitation to each one of them, on Church Letterhead: “Introduce yourself to an usher at any Sunday worship service. At the close of the service, you will be invited forward to introduce yourself and ask for support from our members.

Between the Primary and the November election, nominees are desperate for exposure to voters. Many will happily accept such an invitation. They will benefit from a good sermon (!) and the exposure – (Which will include a few questions regarding their and position on issues of interest to the people).

More significantly, seeds of understanding will be planted in the flock. Suppose a few – or even many – churches in an area, did the same thing! Even the smallest congregations will meet those wanting their votes. There is no formal endorsement of any candidate, but there is significant influence, especially over several election cycles, of the church in the community.

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