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March 4, 2015

This is a letter to our friends –

What might it look like?

Last November “We the people” sent a strong message – STOP! Return to our roots.

To date, the impact of our message has mixed reviews. All of the House and only a third of the Senate are up for election (or re-election as may be the case) every two years. Thus – “return” is not (and should not be) overnight. Change, without chaos, takes time to take root.

Given: A sustained movement toward return to roots – What might it look like?

A move of the Holy Spirit will have swept across North America. The Administration (president) and Legislature (both houses of congress) have become advocates of individual liberty protected by separation of powers and respect for law and our Constitutional limitations upon central government.

Our newly appointed Secretary of Interior, (Sarah Palin?), has put all the undeveloped Federal land, save that reserved for military purposes, up for open auction to American citizens alone. With the land titles go all mineral and water rights. (The new President has dissolved the Environmental Protection Agency as it was defunded by Congress.) The only remaining restrictions are now in the hands of the respective states to work out.

The resulting boon to the economy by entrepreneurial enterprise toward agriculture, mineral, and grazing development has created an active job market for the thousands of recently employed federal employees.

The massive increase in income from the sale of Federal land stimulated an interest in sale of unused federal buildings as well. The national financial picture was further stimulated by the decrease in Federal payrolls as overlapping and unnecessary bureaucracies were defunded and eliminated. Mountains of hidden funds were exposed and returned to the treasury.

Elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank and a return of fiscal authority to Congress has shaken world economies to their roots. The fundamental point of worldwide fiscal stability was our commitment to purchase gold in exchange for a paper note for $100 redeemable in gold five years hence. (Were The U.S. notes immediately redeemable – what little gold remaining under Fort Knox would be sucked out.)

The world was further shaken by the public exposure of the greatest theft in human history. U.S. gold and that on deposit from other nations has been sold off over the decades. We are busted! The resulting law suits against implicated individuals and banks (for graft, bribery, and treason) has created a massive demand for Justice Department lawyers and Federal Justices. Lower level bureaucrats by the thousands have turned upon their superiors. A purging wave is taking place.

Without the EPA there is a rush to mine gold as the fastest way to apply American productivity to the return to a fixed standard. Creditor nations have a vested interest in American stability as opposed to taking advantage of our temporary weakness, especially in view of our return to a booming productive economy. As the five year redemption approaches, the market value of gold also approaches the arbitrary standard of $100/oz. That fixed standard eliminates the inflation cycles in the world and national economies and further stimulates our economy.

When human labor is combined with the resources God has provided – wealth is created. Increasing wealth produces growth. Redistribution of wealth without producing more, stagnates and degrades.

Wishing each of you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Ben & Fran Gilmore

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

On March 30, 2023 Ben Gilmore, the co-founder of ACHStudyGroups (co-founded with his wife Fran), went to be with the Lord in Glory.

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