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2016-03-02 Who or what is in control

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March 2, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –

Who or what is in control?

Unless we make a conscious effort to look beyond what “the world” wants us to focus upon, we will be deceived and misled. It is easy to relax and go with the flow. Others are in the same stream and it is reassuring to be with those who agree with us.

On the other hand that stream is filled with deception and lies. A strategically planted story about Dr. Ben Carson withdrawing just before the Iowa caucus caught the Ted Cruz staff in its net. Cruz had nothing to do with it. He was blamed for a “dirty trick” and the rest is history.

The enemy often attacks the strong point. In the case of Ted Cruz, his good name. The other candidates piled on. Many church folks who should have known better, appear to have dropped their support of the strongest, most proven candidate in the race – Ted Cruz.

I say, “should have known better,” because it appears to me the American church as a whole has chosen to be ignorant of American history and the Biblical principles involved. God’s hand and His will are in charge! God is not a fatalist. The Bible is full of examples of God changing His mind! With His omniscience and omnipotence God can fulfill any prophesy whenever He chooses! Let us pray that God will choose mercy for America rather than the justice we deserve!

I almost lost hope for Ted Cruz. It appeared to me that the attack on his character had taken him out of the race. Then I saw an accounting of the delegate count. Trump has 300 and change. Cruz is only 90 delegates behind with a long way to go.

The annual CPAC conference in Washington, D.C. offers a platform for conservative speakers. Glen Beck of “The Blaze TV” network (channel #212 if you have Dish) is to be keynote speaker. Today, he put forth a proposal that rings true to me – I’ll share it with you:

Suppose Ted Cruz were to go to Marco Rubio, who has little hope of winning the nomination, and ask him to run with him NOW as Vice President. They could combine their strengths as a team. Further, suppose they could persuade Dr. Ben Carson to run for Marco’s vacant Senate seat in Florida.

I believe the whole tempo of American society would be improved dramatically. Is this just wishful thinking? Perhaps – But many of us have prayed 2nd Chronicles 7:14, asking for God to pour out healing goodness once more upon our nation. All things are possible with God.

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