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2016-10-14 Words mean things

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October 14, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –

Words mean things

The other day I heard Speaker Ryan describe himself as a “conservative”. Then he defined the terms in such an ambiguous way that I was embarrassed.

One of my mentors, Edward Hunter, taught me, “Never use a word you are not prepared to define. Ask others to define their words. Unless you understand one another’s definitions, there is miscommunication.”

May I share my definitions for “liberal”, “conservative”, and “moderate”. These are common terms today that appear to me to beg sound definitions. It does no good to make a definition the one wearing the label will not accept. Further – my definitions apply to American politics and may not be valid internationally.

Most liberals readily accept my definition, “Liberal – One who makes decisions in an effort to produce the best results.” They seem surprised that I (a conservative) understand their philosophy. “Well,” they say, “What is a conservative?”

Conservative – One who makes decisions by the best principles he can find, and lets the results take care of themselves.” That often causes a pause then, “Well – I am a moderate.”

Moderate – A liberal that cannot define his positon.” He replies, “I can too!” and proceeds. When he is finished I ask, “What is the difference between that and a liberal?”

You cannot manipulate results (consequences). When you tell a lie you are trying to manipulate consequences. It never works out well.

“When you choose an action you choose a consequence!” [Harry Conn]

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