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2017-07-20 The Refuge of Lies

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July 20, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

“The Refuge of Lies”

Isaiah 28:9-17

“Though the Lord desires to bless us and pull us close to Himself, we chose rather to distance ourselves from His presence. God’s plan for each one of our lives is perfect, but fear of His demands, or shame over our sin, cause us to run and hide from the only true Hiding Place (Ps 32:7). Like those before us, we flee, instead, to our refuge of lies.

“Many are hiding in the refuge of running. Adam, Eve, and especially Jonah can testify to the frailty of such a fortress. Its strength lies in our ability to outrun God – which is not a feasible feat.

“Others are hiding in the refuge of relationships. Running to friends before running to God is no answer. Whose companionship do you value more highly than the Savior’s? Your friends and family cannot stand beside you on judgement day – but Jesus can.

“Perhaps you are hiding in the refuge of religion. Religion is nothing more than an adherence to a set of beliefs. A person can go to hell with baptismal waters dripping from his face. You can go to hell with a choir robe on. Even participating in holy communion will not protect you from the wrath to come. Not even your good works can save you. All these things are fine, and extremely important, but they will never serve as payment for a pardon. Only the blood of Jesus can redeem. Remember, religion is hanging around the cross. Christianity is getting on the cross. When our heart is not right, God can see right through the thin veil of our religious refuge.

“Many are hiding from the Lord in the refuge of riches. It is sad how countless millions are caught up in creature comforts. Rather than running to God, many are found indulging in self-satisfying, sensual pleasures. But my friend, all you have shall pass away. It is not what you have on this earth, but whom you have in your heart.

“According to Scripture, the Lord will destroy the refuge if lies. ‘For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.’ (Luke 12:2). There is only one true refuge: the Eternal God (Deut 33:27)!”

[Steve Hill (1954 – 2014) evangelist, revivalist, pastor, U.S.A.]

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