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2017-07-23 Take God out – –

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July 23, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Take God out of anything and it dies.

Discover God in anything and it comes alive!

We have permitted God to be taken out of American public education by law. Sure enough! Education that teaches God is unimportant (i.e. not significant enough to mention) has produced a lifeless, hopeless, stupid generation. I offer, “Watters’ World” TV, campus interviews as proof.

That part of the student body that managed to overcome stupid and gain knowledge without wisdom is little better off. Knowledge without wisdom will turn on you! Wisdom builds character.

So, you may ask, “Is there no hope!” There is always hope – So long as there is a loving, patient, forgiving God. “The fear of (respect for) the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” [Proverbs 9:10] Where should we look to find wise leaders in the next generation?

For the most part, home school students have grown up at the knees of parents who taught the fear of the Lord in academic subjects. The results are easily discerned. Fran and I are 87 and 84. Home schooling was not yet a modern movement when we started homeschooling our youngest.

With the subsequent explosive growth of the homeschool movement came a whole spectrum of teaching methods – some good – some not so good. The best were based upon discovering God at the root of each academic subject. It came alive for the student.

On September 23, 2017 at Destiny Christian Church in Lincoln, CA, we are going to spend the day (10 am until 8 pm) including lunch and dinner, with master teachers who have been part of the movement to restore God to education since the 1960’s. Those who will be speaking are giants standing on the shoulders of America’s founders, who themselves benefited from the same philosophy of education.

It is unlikely these ageing teachers from across the country will ever be teaching together again. If you are a parent this is a unique opportunity. I hope you will share this article with interested friends.

Please go to www.HonoringTheVision.weebly.com for information.

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