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October 4, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

“Principles of American Government” (PAG)

PAG is the name given to a three month online course. We use “Christian History of the Constitution …” (CHOC) and “Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History” (T&L) as textbooks. Two 75 minute, highly interactive classes a week, are held in a virtual classroom using Skype. (Students from across the country see and interact with one another and the teacher online.) This is among the courses endorsed by the “Foundation for American Christian Education” (FACE).

The next course is to begin on Monday, January 8, 2018. Class times are set at the convenience of the class members. Usual class size is 5 – 10 (teens and adults). Suggested tuition is $195.

The course has three phases. Phase I (4 classes) is an overview of the course: In the beginning – God, Man and God, Law, Principles. Phase II (14 classes) is an in depth study of seven basic principles: Individuality, Self-Government, Quality Character, Private Property, American Form, Local Authority, Liberty. Phase III (6 classes) seeks to help students learn to use what they have learned in the marketplace of ideas – critical thinking.

This is not a “Constitution” course. This is a course in the history and ideas that supported the philosophy of those who created our nation and her founding documents. If our ship of state and the culture upon which it sails are to be restored to a proper course, there must be a core of adults and teens that understand these principles and how to apply them.

Perhaps it will help to parse the course title: “Principles of American Government.”

To “govern” is to direct, regulate, control, and restrain. I find only three human organizations created and used by God. All three are governmental: family, church, and state. A fourth form is self-government.

“American,” used as an adjective, refers to those forms of government that are uniquely illustrated in American history and culture.

“Principle” – The cause, source, or origin of a thing.

Thus – “Principles of American Government” – The cause, source, or origin of that which has been uniquely illustrated in American history and culture through family, church, state, and self-direction, -regulation, -control, and -restraint.

Our Lord appears to have gifted me with the ability to teach these concepts to teens with little previous exposure to history and philosophy. We encourage parents to join their youngsters as students. Those interested in the January course should contact us (see letterhead).

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