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2018-07-08 Another civil war?

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July 8, 2018

This is a letter to our friends –

Another civil war?

A friend wrote me, asking if I thought we are headed for another civil war. He was concerned with the increasing level of violence and the apparent spread of hatred for all things “Trump”.

I responded that I doubt there will be a nationwide outbreak of violence between the forces we might label “establishment” (i.e. keep things going as they have been) and the “patriots” (i.e. drain the swamp and return to our roots).

What would such a war look like?

Both sides are well armed. I believe the American military would fragment over an internal conflict. Some leaders would stay with the establishment as would some troops. Others would balk at conflict with American patriots.

Combatants would all look alike! For the most part, neither side is organized or trained for combat. It would, I believe, slip into anarchy. Anarchy is unstable. It morphs into tyranny because people choose a strong man to halt a bloodbath.

So how do we avoid the approaching anarchy? What is motivating the left (“establishment”)? I believe it is addiction to evil. The single universal principle present in every doctrine of the left is opposition to the laws of nature and of nature’s God. Opposition to natural law and revealed (i.e. Biblical) law. They have made “religious” doctrines out of abortion rights, homosexuality, government welfare, gun control, … They are passionate about defending their faith. Think of it this way – How hard would you push back if you believed you were about to lose your “religious” doctrines like, right to pray, attend worship, …

America is in the midst of a Spiritual war! There is a Creator God who loves us and wants to teach us to love Him and to love one another. Humans are slow learners! It took Christ 1620 years to make a Pilgrim! It took another 150 years for that seed to grow into the world’s first Christian Constitutional Republic.

I do not believe it is part of God’s plan for this experiment in Christian self-government to fail. Do we deserve to fail? Absolutely! I believe there are sufficient intercessors praying for mercy and forgiveness instead of justice. The good guys have begun winning battles.

Think about it – Are you just seeing the things the enemy wants you to look at? Look and see what God is doing. How big is your God! Providence may well be planning to plant fruit trees where the swamp used to be.

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