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2018-10-10 Red wave predicted

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October 10, 2018

This is a letter to our friends –

Red wave predicted

I can feel it in my bones! The years of prayer by unseen individuals and prayer groups all across our nation are about to be rewarded with a wave of good stuff.

The most vulnerable times are just after victories. It is a good thing to rejoice and be glad. It is not a good thing to believe we won the victory all by ourselves. For example – President Trump has turned out to be an extraordinary leader. He did not do it alone. He did it with the authority given him by the delegates in the Electoral College.

By the way – Think about it — He is NOT the “President of the people”. He is the President of the United States of America. He was elected by representatives of the fifty states. “Unity with diversity.”

Further – Those delegates were appointed by candidates you and I, and others, elected in our respective states. All that, I believe, under the providential hand of a benevolent God who loves mercy over justice whenever it can be justified. It doesn’t take a majority. It takes the persistent fervent prayers of a sufficient number of intercessors to move the heart of God.

Thus – I say – “To God be the Glory!” To God be the glory for what I believe is about to happen. We have been approaching a tipping point. Demonic evil has been exposed to light. Those who vote have seen it! I believe they understand (at least a little) that “issues” are usually settled in the primary elections and who is in charge is settled in the November elections.

This is a time to vote for any candidate with “Republican” behind his/her name.

I believe Republican candidates up and down the ballot are going to wake up the morning after election day and discover they won their campaigns! “Swamps” all over America will still be there. They do not dry up by themselves! I think we will say, “The swamp has gone from soaking wet to muddy.”

Perhaps, in another two years, we can begin planting fruit tees where the swamp used to be!

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