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2019-05-28 – – because we want to.

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May 28, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –

* – because we want to.

I believe we sin because we want to.

Sin is not something you can put into a laboratory test tube. Sin is a choice. A choice cannot be compelled. We cannot be forced to make a choice. Thus – Every choice is our very own creation. Once created it becomes part of history – forever! Each of us are answerable for our choices.

I have heard it said, “Sin is doing something legal in an illegal or excessive way.” What is “legal” or “illegal”? It is illegal to violate the “laws of nature”. (The “laws of nature” are the will of the creator God.) It is illegal to violate the Revealed Law. (Found only in the Holy Scriptures.)

Some believe it is easy to sin. Think about it – How many “Warning”, ‘STOP”, “Caution”, signs and barriers must we jump over to make a sinful choice! With practice we become good obstacle course athletes!

On the other hand, choosing to repent, confess, and ask forgiveness leads to peace and growth. Christ paid the penalty for your illegal choices. It is through Him you receive forgiveness. He said your main job is to learn to love God and one another. To “love” is to unselfishly want the very best for the loved one.

Every person we meet will be either, “careless”, “convicted”, or “converted”.

* The “careless” need our concern.
* The “convicted” need our challenge.
* The “converted” need our encouragement.

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