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2020-03-20 Authority & Self-Government

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March 20, 2020

This is a letter to our friends –

Authority & Self-Government

There is a subtle undercurrent that I fear is “stimulating” a dangerous attitude in both citizen and “official”. Let us not forget that in issuing “orders” – the “servant” (official) is the one issuing orders to the master (citizen). Many “officials” will “get off” on the authority and many citizens will bow like sheep. To work properly it is a delicate balance.

Quality self-government is a cooperative effort. Christ can not do it alone – and neither can you! Americans can draw a similar balance dealing with OUR civil-government.

We are obliged to obey those we (by election) (& GOD) have placed over us. They have the authority we (& God) have given them – BUT – no more authority than that. Free men retain the rest.

Example – God gave David a King’s authority. When David propositioned Bathsheba he had stepped outside the authority God had given him and Bathsheba was free to decline.

Be careful with the phrase – “… for the greater good.”


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