2021-02-13 Acquittal

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

This is an e-mail letter to PAG Participants –


The impeachment trial in the U. S. Senate took place on Wednesday – Saturday last. I viewed all of it, mostly in real time, on TV.

After viewing the concluding vote 57/43 (67 needed, that is 2/3 of the senators), President Trump was “Acquitted”. Immediately, both party leaders, Sen. Schumer and Sen. McConnel, took the floor to condemn President Trump. They accused him of inciting the bloody attack on the Capitol building on January 6th, the day the 2020 Election was Certified by Congress.

It appears to me that Washington Establishment (the “swamp”) is attempting to shame, demonize, intimidate all those in the conservative movement. One of the ways they do this is by saying, “There is no credible evidence.” and steadfastly avoiding objective discussion of the “evidence” of vote fraud. I have no more evidence than what has been reported to me on the net and TV. Is it reliable? I do not know. That leaves me with what I do know to be true plus common sense.

The largest block of “evidence” I have seen is a 2-hour video with Mike Lindell (the “My Pillow” guy) who had the personal resources to do his own research. I believe it spread all over the net. Today I cannot find a copy on the net. If anyone downloaded it, I would appreciate your sending it to me.

Some have scoffed at Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” saying, his claims have been refuted “piece by piece”. Saying it does not make it so. Please show me where Lindell’s list of “dead voters” was checked for accuracy. Please show me where the claim of truckload overnight inter-state ballot-shipment was RELIABLY investigated and disproven. Please show me the proof that computer vote-counting machines connected to the net cannot be manipulated as shown by Lindell’s research.

Just “saying” that not one of Trump’s 50+ lawsuits was valid does not make it so. Please show me the court case that opened and investigated the offered “evidence”, rather than avoiding the issue with legal technicalities as Lindell claimed.

If President Trump and Lindell are right, we can no longer trust election results. If citizens are no longer able to speak freely, and like Lindell, are shut down, “We the people” are no longer in charge of our government. President Trump said he believes he won by a landslide. By taking every opportunity to prove that, he was fighting to defend the nation (us !) from the damage that is happening.

What are we to do? Push for voter ID, and paper ballots that exist outside cyber-space. That is a place to start. Begin honoring the consequences that go with broken laws. Pay closer attention to your local primary vote. Pray! Europe did not have the Christian foundation and prayer base that we have. Remember, 2nd Chronicles 7:14 requires four things for a people to receive forgiveness of their sins and healing of their land: We must humble ourselves and pray. We must seek to do God’s will. AND we must “turn from our wicked ways”. Dear friend, secret sin can hinder the growth of any family, church, or state. Sin is addictive. “Cold turkey” with Christ’s help is the only way I know to “turn”.

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