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Thursday, February 25, 2021

This is a letter to our friends –

Seven Biblical principles of government

Rosalie Slater, Cofounder of, “Foundation for American Christian Education” (FACE), wrote about seven Biblical principles in her book, “Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History”. In my book, “Principles of American Government” (FACE.net/PAG), I paraphrased and expounded upon them.

INDIVIDUALTY – God makes no duplicates. Everything has its own identity and purpose(s). Each continent has unique boundaries, climate, and topography. Arnold Guyot (1807 – 1884), a geographer, named the thee southern continents the continents of nature (plant life, animal life, antiquity). He named the northern ones “the Continent of Origins”, “the Continent of Development”, “the Finest Example of Christian Civilization”.

SELF-GOVERNMENT — Without individuality there would be no “self” to govern, It is a law if nature – As the quality of internal S-G decreases, external government-of-self will increase. Increasing the internal quality of self-government is only possible with Christ’s help.

QUALITY CHARACTER — “Quality” requires a standard by which to measure character. I choose the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. If there is a better standard, I agree in advance to adopt it.

PRIVATE PROPERTY — Without quality character we will not be good stewards of our property. We have as much property in our rights as we have rights to our property. “Conscience is our most sacred of all property” [James Madison]

AMERICAN FORM — Ours is the first government to incorporate: Representation; Separation of powers; Federalism, into one system. All three are Biblical principles.

LOCAL AUTHORITY — The quality of corporate self-government will determine the quality of family-, community-, state=, and

LIBERTY — Our individual and corporate liberty rest upon these principles. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is – There is liberty.” [2 Corinthians 3:17]

Learning these basic principles, Biblically, historically, and governmentally (logically), enables you to easily know and defend what is true and correct. Teach them at every level, expanding the scope and depth each time.

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