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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

This is a letter to our friends –

Election evidence

Have you noticed that the left never answers 2020 election questions with specifics? Rather, they claim there is no creditable evidence, or all 50 or more Cases Trump filed have failed. Next, they attempt to intimidate us with charges we want to overturn a valid election. Well, I am interested in finding the truth so that I / we can have confidence in future elections.

Trump just spoke at CPAC. It was his first since January 6. He gave state legislators a check list of objectives for election security. A single day to vote was first on the list of commonsense suggestions. Trump pointed out that the Constitution clearly grants each state legislature authority to make election law for their state. In 2020 several states made last minute changes in election law – by judges, state officials, even bureaucrats!

I Googled “Navarro report”. The first thing that came up – “White House Advisor Peter Navarro Releases Dubious Voter Fraud Report
Joe Walsh Forbes Staff

“TOPLINE White House trade advisor Peter Navarro is the latest Trump administration staffer to publicly back up the president’s baseless voter fraud claims, publishing a report Thursday that claims widespread irregularities may have stolen last month’s election from President Trump – but the report hinges on debunked allegations that have largely been rejected when raised in court, and one nonpartisan ethics watchdog criticized Navarro for writing it.

“KEY FACTS Navarro, an economist who heads the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy and has no clear background in election issues, released the report Thursday afternoon and organized a virtual press conference to discuss it. It walks through what Navarro called “six dimensions of election irregularities” and suggests swing states won by President-elect Joe Biden were tinged by pervasive fraud, an effort Navarro speculated (without evidence) was coordinated. …”

“Dubious report, baseless claims, debunked allegations”, are not supported with examples. Just sayin’ it don’t make it so! On the other hand, Mr. Navarro supports the numbers in his report with their source.

You can find the report at NavarroReport.com

Also – I just came across LindellTV.com – Check it out for updates.

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