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Monday, March 15, 2021

This is a letter to our friends –

To a young mom from grandpa

Looking back over almost 92 years of experiences gives me a heart full of things I wish I could share with the current crop of young parents. – Mom’s especially!

How wide is this page? You may say 8 ½ inches. That is your “opinion” until you measure the page with a ruler, i.e. a reliable standard.

Your generation has grown up without learning how to determine “right” and “wrong” by a reliable standard. Our society offers “what feels right”, or “someone says is right”. These “standards” are not fixed, or reliable, they change from time to time. Not measuring by a reliable, FIXED standard leads to chaos. What is “Right” and what is “wrong” are only opinions without a standard!

Not to use the most reliable, most proven measure for “right” and “wrong” seems foolish, but our culture encourages you to do it all the time. The Bible teaches that God works through people-groups (nations). Much of today’s culture favors one-world without nations. The Bible teaches the ten commandments. Our culture ignores them and removes them from sight. Yet no more reliable set of laws has ever been discovered.

Think back – What in your earliest memory? At some moment your child will create his / her earliest memory, one s/he will carry for a lifetime. What a blessing if that memory might be of parents in prayer!

You must choose. “Train up a child in the way that he should go …”, as the Bible teaches, or turn over his / her training to others. If you tern it over to government schools, who or what will the child be trained to serve? If you turn it over to a private (secular) school, who or what will your child be trained to serve? If you turn it over to a Christian school chances are better that s/he will be trained to serve God and have a long and productive life. “Honor your mother and father that your life may be extended,”

Knowledge without quality character will turn on you. Training up your child’s character cannot, I believe, be delegated. The product reflects the producer. For that reason, I believe every young parent should become a regular reader / studier of the Bible. Home schooling is by far the best way to pass on the best set of values to be found.

One of the “mother-ships” of quality education, The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE), offers an annual “Foundations” course that I have found to be inspiring. This year’s dates – July 11-16. I recommend the fellowship of in-person class in Virginia, else online classes via internet. Contact them, www.FACE.net or (800) 352-3223.

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