2022-08-14 ‘Let’s Pretend’ elections

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

This is a letter to our friends –

“Let’s Pretend” elections

[The following “theories” have been proven – true. For documentation, please watch

“Moment of Truth”, August 20 – 21, 9AM – 9PM www.FrankSpeech.com Or as much as you can & tell a friend! Unless our elections are cyber-free American government is lost.]

There will always be only one GLOBAL GOVERNMENT – The Kingdom of God. All other attempts have, or will fail.

Many evil persons (globalists) are “all-in” today, in the current effort to rule the world. No doubt they are in league with Satan, since each of their actions appear to violate God’s law of liberty.

I suspect our elections, and others (Venezuela) have been “fixed” for over a decade. In the beginning, computer companies or the like would quietly approach an incumbent and offer a guaranteed win in exchange for big bucks. As election day approached, the press would say,
“The race is tightening.” Making the incumbent look stronger than he was in truth. On election day using computers, the “fixer” would find or flip just enough votes for an incumbent win.

Here is how it works. Inflate the voter registration rolls. People move or die (ghost voters). This is a reservoir of votes to support the incumbent. If there are not enough ghost votes, then the “fixer” uses computer algorithms to flip votes to the incumbent.

“But,” you say, “Trump won in 2016.” The landslide overwhelmed the algorithm. There were not enough ballots! Democrats thought the “fix” was in and were not prepared.

They had four years to make sure that did not happen again. They changed voting rules and flooded swing states with blank ballots. The “good guys” (white hats) prepared too. They made a forensic recording of the vote flips.

That is what started Mike Lindell on his crusade to save America. As evidence piled up, the media and judiciary blanked out all mention of vote fraud. The actual vote wes around 80 million Trump / 60 million Biden. Democrats had to “create” 20 million votes.
Full documentation is scheduled, August 20 – 21, 9am to 9pm on www.FrankSpeech.com.

We MUST get rid of computer election machines before November.

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