The American History and Government Mini-Seminar
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Location: Open for booking
Friday evening 7:00 pm to 10:15 pm
Saturday morning 9:00 AM to 1:15 pm

These events are taught by Mr. Ben Gilmore, a master teacher.
They are designed to be hosted in a home or church.
For groups of 10 to 100 students.

Goal for those who attend:
To discover the significance of our American heritage.
To create a desire to learn more about Principles of Government.

Host(s) or host church are responsible for Mr. Gilmore’s travel expenses from Citrus Heights (Sacramento), California.
Tuition is $25/student.

Contact Us for more information or to express your interest.

Synopsis of the course:

The material is presented in seven interactive lectures covering seven fundamental Principles of American Government.

The principle of Individuality is introduced with a focus upon the God of the Bible as the ultimate first cause. Concepts of context are introduced. The individual attributes of God’s being and personality are introduced. Natural Theology (what man may learn of God by studying creation) is introduced. Guyot’s work on the individuality of the Earth is presented.

The principle of Self-Government introduces the role of choice in the unique attributes of man. Internal (self-government) and external (government of self) are always inversely proportional. In the Bible, God deals through only three human organizations. All human government is composed of three elements. Meet John Locke on the beginning of society.

The principle of Quality Character introduces the need for a standard. Meet Noah Webster and Augustus Neander. Attributes of a standard. Dr. John Lord on “standard.” Character stamped upon a nation. John Fiske on nationmaking.

The principle of Private Property focuses upon internal as well as external property. Webster’s definition. Blackstone: “Man is God’s property.” Samuel Adams on taxation. John Locke on property.

TheAmerican Form of Government unique in human history: Separation of Powers; Republican Structure; Federation. W.E. Vine on “wisdom.” Usher’s time line. Meet Montesquie. Monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy – Merits and weaknesses. America in the line of providence.

The principle of Local Authority illustrates the difference in democracy and republic. God’s order: prayer, education, action. “Liberty costs more than slavery because it is worth more! Steps in solving the unsolvable. Situation ethics. Umbrellas & centralization. Involvement.

Liberty. Define “liberal” & “conservative” in American government. LOCKE & Adams on “Liberty.” Judge Draton on the logic of liberty. A matrix of principle and the counter-concepts. Kathy Dang on modern Christianity. Patrick Henry. Pledge.

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