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May 2019
Greetings Ben!
How are you and your family doing? And how is your grandson doing?
Say, Oregon is one of the several states facing Parental Rights being taken away with HB 3063 which has to do with forced vaccinations. I’ve been sharing with people who are opposed to this bill about how to speak to principles vs. issues. I’m doing it Ben! I’m a part of the next generation to help educate others and to help preserve our liberties in our state. Your efforts to educate others is not being wasted.
I thought you’d appreciate knowing that a lady said she’d love to have me as her civics teacher. While other people are appreciative and are feeling equipped to communicate principles to their representatives. And all because of your excellent teaching as a Master Teacher; thank you so much for your mentorship.
Also, I encouraged a representative opposed to the bill to address principles vs. issues. And I encouraged him to share historicity with this quote by James Madison: “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.” Additionally, I shared about the historicity of this principle of (internal) Private Property found within Oregon’s own State Constitution. He replied with, “Thank you!” So, prayerfully he’ll implement it in his speech on Monday May 6th.
May 6th is the day that the House will debate this bill and vote on it. While it’s being anticipated that it will pass the House, please pray that it doesn’t. But if it should, it sounds like we have two Senators sitting on the fence about it. So, also please pray that we can win over these two Senators and that this bill will die on the Senate (if not in the House).
Many blessings to you and yours!

December 2018

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore,
I just want to let you know we are thoroughly enjoying the CD set we have from the ACH seminar.
I’ve been listening to the classes with my boys (both in high school now). We listen to one class session per school day. I never did get to sit in on the classes when Emily, Jay and Rebecca took your classes. I’m so enjoying hearing you, Dr. Rose and Beth Ballenger. All three of us are learning so much.
I’m thankful a friend passed these CD’s on to us. (And we get a kick out of references when we hear you address Emily, Jay-who was doing the recording, and Mark.) 🙂
Thank you for your dedication in teaching the next generation. The learning is continuing on with my younger set of kids. 🙂
God bless you both and Merry Christmas.
Folsom, California

December 2016
I started the PAG course just like any other course I’ve ever taken, ready to learn and hoping that it will be interesting and fun.
Never did I imagine, though, how insightful and amazing the course actually was.
It isn’t a course you would take solely for the purpose of learning. Even though there is so much to learn, it’s the wisdom and ideas that you pull out of it to apply to your everyday life that make this course special.
The type of information that is being taught by not only the lessons, but the teacher as well, is pure gold, and I am so blessed to have learned all that I did at such a young age!!!
Preston Morrill
Placerville, California

September 2016
Principles of American Government changed the way I think!
Ben does an amazing job of not only teaching, but guiding the class so we discover the principles and their application on our own.
This information is so valuable, and is slipping away from public knowledge faster than we realize. Nothing taught is outdated or old fashioned: it’s real, timeless truth that needs to be relearned and passed down through the ages.
And who knows, I might actually be willing to take my co-workers on in a debate, now that I have the facts and principles to back up my points!
Katrina Stotlmeyer
Sacramento, California

October 2015
The study of God’s hand in America’s history, documenting God’s gift of a unique Christian form of government to America which has allowed this nation to serve as the “great fountainhead” of the Gospel to the nations, is essential for every pastor and Christian who wants to love Jesus Christ more, and who would like to be a part of perpetuating liberty to share the Gospel.
Remembering God’s Providential hand in giving America the greatest degree of individual liberty (religious, economic, and civil liberty) is a Great Commission issue, and no one teaches on this topic better than Ben Gilmore!
Mark Matta
[Student – With Entire Family]
Rancho Cordova, California

April 2015
It was an excellent class; Mr Gilmore is one of the rare teachers that know the difference between memorization and learning. I would encourage anyone, even if they have already studied government, to attend a full course.
Josiah A. Kendall

December 2014
A person without principles is like a ship’s captain without a compass. They don’t have a guide to keep them on course when sailing the seas of life.
Before I took Mr. Gilmore’s PAG course, I was lost in politics. Sure, I knew Biblical precepts to govern my life, but I had no idea that God built the foundations for government itself.
In a nutshell, Mr. Gilmore expertly taught and engaged me in his PAG course, equipping me with the vital compass of God’s governmental principles to effectively navigate the vast ocean of politics.
I encourage any student or parent to take this class and learn the basis and proper application of government as designed by the Creator.
Peter Kinney
Sacramento, California

November 2014
I’m incredibly thankful that God opened the door for me to participate in the PAG course taught by Mr. Gilmore. This program has helped me grow in many ways, but I’ll try to condense them into 3 things.
1)  The PAG course has given me a more solid foundation for my faith – which is most important. Understanding the faith of those who have gone before me and learning how they put action to their faith motivates me to do the same.
2)  The PAG course has given me a greater ability to think critically and deeply about a variety of topics. I have gained excellent study habits and debate skills. Participating in this class has helped me to excel in my other classes as well, because the skills taught are applicable to every area of life.
3)  The PAG course has prepared me for my future career. I have an interest in inter-cultural studies and political science. My goal is to work in the political arena. I can see now that before I began working toward this goal, it was essential that I have a firm foundation on which to base my ideas and decisions. This course is so important for people entering the political field because they will not only learn principles that apply to past circumstances, but principles that will apply to all future circumstances.
If you are reading this and considering participation in the PAG class, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. Even if your career goals aren’t necessarily political, this class will equip you for whatever field you enter.
Thank you, Mr. Gilmore, for your investment in my walk with The Lord and my education. I know that He has used you to speak into my life, and I pray that He blesses you and your family beyond measure for it!

June 2014
I work as a missionary to the new age community. Most days i am challenged by world beliefs that are much different than mine. Ben Gilmore showed me how to think through these ideas to see if they have any Biblical foundations. I use what he has taught me on most days. Thank you Mr. Gilmore for what you have taught me.

October 2013
This course will challenge your intellect and touch your heart as you explore principles of American government–both civil and self (personal). You will acquire a Biblical worldview as Ben Gilmore, a world-class Master Teacher, guides you through America’s Christian history. Meet some of our country’s founding fathers and those who influenced them like Montesquieu, Locke, Blackstone, Bradford and Adams. Learn the truth about what it means to be an American Christian before it is too late. Then ask the Lord to show you His role for you in His story.
[Homeschool Mother]

October 2013
I am an 81 year old grandma in the midst of taking the Principle Approach to Government course on Skype with Mr. Ben Gilmore. My 16 year old grandson is taking the same course. If you are into homeschooling, or are interested in the history of the Constitution, this is what you need to know about the course. –
You will need “Skype” ability and two large books with which many homeschoolers are familiar: The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self Government, Compiled by Verna M. Hall; and Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History: The Principle Approach, Developed by Rosalie J. Slater.
This course is strong in character development, and gets to the very basic foundation of understanding God’s Hand in Human History.
The course consists of twenty-four 75 minute classes (mine is twice a week) and about 4 hours a week study. I found I put in much more time because of interest.
I would like to see this course as a prerequisite for all who want to be involved in homeschooling. But why stop there? It would do wonders for our Public School System, character building for all our youth, and in our Higher Education System for any person who desires to be a teacher.
Cora R.

July 2013
Mr. Gilmore told my son one day that he has observed, over the years, that it takes 3 elements to make a successful class: 1) a worthwhile subject; 2) a knowledgeable teacher; and 3) a willing student. I would like to discuss each of these in relation to the PAG course:
1) WORTHWHILE SUBJECT–To discover God’s hand in America’s history is valuable. To learn how to evaluate ideas, choices, and actions that we make as an individual, church, and/or nation are priceless. Our individual happiness and that of our church and nation rely on the choices we make–often tacit, (def. consent by silence)–to submit to God’s laws and find peace or walk outside of His laws and into chaos. Meet some of America’s founding fathers such as Samuel Adams (Father of the Revolution, Christian patriot and precursor to Facebook, blogs and texting), William Blackstone (God’s natural law), John Locke (philosopher of American liberty), and Rev. Samuel Payson (liberty and order are supported by knowledge and virtue). The ideas learned in this course are as old as creation, developed during the 17th & 18th centuries, and apply flawlessly to all areas of life. Whether dealing with my own individual character, building a Christ-honoring home or understanding what is happening in tonight’s news from a decidedly Christian perspective, this course is worthwhile.
2) KNOWLEDGEABLE TEACHER–Mr. Gilmore has acquired multiple degrees and titles from some of America’s most prestigious universities, fought for our country, a YWAM missionary and has been actively involved in politics for four decades. But, the knowledge he possesses that I value most is the Godly “grid” through which he views all of life. He acquired this knowledge from the Lord along with some special mentors. And, he is willing and able to teach his student to do the same. As a connoisseur of teachers, I can truly say that he is a teacher/mentor with the highest quality character that I have ever sat under. He uses a variety of teaching methods, brilliant in his presentation, and pours into the student as much as he/she is able to receive, always careful not to embarrass. I also appreciate his willingness to tailor his presentation to meet me right where I am at as he often weaves my personal concerns and questions into the lessons so that I can reason biblically to discover God’s direction. I loved the first day of class when he set the stage by saying that he is nothing more than the straw through which I will be drinking in the best milkshake ever. Mr. Gilmore is truly a humble man, with great wisdom and virtue making him a knowledgeable teacher of the highest value.
3) WILLING STUDENT–That is up to you. My story is that I have known about the Principle Approach for nearly 3 decades and had sought, to no avail, the mysterious keys to unlock the doors to it. When the Lord placed Mr. Gilmore into my life, I was beyond awe at my Lord’s grace and mercy. If you want to learn how to evaluate life from a truly Christian perspective, to be able to make wise choices confidently, and are willing to invest some time in study (anything of value comes with a price), then this course may just be the greatest investment you make in your entire life.
In conclusion, if you would like to discover what the U.S. Constitution means by “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” or “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, to which you are entitled in the Declaration of Independence, I would suggest that you take this course, find out, and then allow the Lord to lead you in the way that you should go.
Cindy Sekiguchi
[Homeschool Mother]

October 2012
I wanted to take the time to thank you, thank you, thank you for the profound study and teaching you did with my daughter. This course is a treasure store of wisdom that will help her evaluate situations and people throughout her life with discernment, and will encourage her to grow in “quality character”. I am going to have her start bringing some of what she learned to the dinner table to enliven our conversations and challenge our thinking through current events!
[Homeschool Mother]

May 2012
Where to start? This course [Principles of American Government] is simply profound, to say the least. But as it stands, no mere tapestry weaved of words will best describe it for everyone. Each individual will take something different from this course, and in the same way, will be challenged where their fortes are lacking. And to continue this paradigm of diversity, the course is difficult in its own way. But that is not to say it is impossible. If you work at it you will do well or even excel. If I had the choice, I would take it again, and enjoy it a second time. In closure, I would deeply recommend this class for anyone who takes the care to broaden their intellectual horizons
Coleton Welsheimer
[Homeschool Student]
Olympia, Washington

February 2012
Taking the PAG online course was like getting my first pair of prescription glasses. Now I see the Principles popping up in things that I read, view on tv, or in conversations; prior to this I would have missed them and their significance. I am also now much more aware of ideas that are antithetical to the Principles!
We have an invaluable treasure available to us in the original source documents that the Founders produced, as well as the individuals who influenced and inspired the Founders. For me, Mr. Gilmore has opened the treasure vault and set me on a path to learn even more. God bless you!
Dale Lawrence
[PAG Alumni – along with his Wife, Son, and Daughter]
Elverta, California

December 2011
Thank you so much for this valuable course. I cannot express enough how much it blessed me. This course is indeed a life changer and as a high school student it is a solid foundation for beginning my life journey. This course is not for the faint hearted, but it is crucial for in our education.
I do feel, though, that this course is best suited for High School Seniors and up. It challenged me, but taught me so many other things than just biblical government. I highly recommend the class!! Thank you again, Mr. Gilmore. Hugs and blessings, Catherine
Catherine Sharp [Homeschool Student]

July 2011
Guess I’m a little late posting as well (re: “American Exceptionalism” series)- I missed that the date for the event was so soon. Either way, for those of you who were invited and could not attend, I highly recommend this course of study. My first exposure to the topic was ACH Seminars and my entire world was turned upside down. So much that I thought I knew, and frankly, was so very complicated, slipped away. All that remained was the simple truth, properly reasoned and infused by the Holy Spirit. If you are able, attend. you will be SO blessed.
Lisa Frank Sinnock [Homeschool Mom]
Confluence, Colorado

February 2011
Thank you Ben for forwarding this piece on ethics.
Folks, I took Ben’s American History and Government Study seminar last year and will take it again this June 15-18 [2011]. He and other nationally recognized instructors give you more than your money’s worth and you will be ever thankful you took the course. It is packed (and I mean packed full) of REAL American History, not the revisionist baloney force fed to us by the socialist infested educational system.
Go to his website: and sign up today.
Deborah Jackson [Blogger]

December 2009
Dear Mr. Gilmore,
How can I express my thanks?

“You’ve made a difference in my life…”
Becky Sharp

The PAG [Principles of American Government] on-line course was life-changing for me! I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn “what I did not know.” It seems as though I have been given a wonderful gift to unwrap and discover, and pass along to others. As I continue to study and learn about the seven principles, I pray they will sink in deep, and direct my life and my choices.
Thank you, Mr. Gilmore, for your steadfastness and faithfulness; for being obedient to what the Lord has called you to do! Your investment in the lives of individuals is making a difference for eternity! May the Lord richly bless you!
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Becky Sharp [Home-schooling Mother]
Sisters, Oregon

May 2010
I am writing this to anyone who might be considering taking the ACH Seminar (June 23 – 26, 2010). I took the class as an adult several years ago and found it to be most enlightening in so many ways.
It caused me to fall in love with American History for the first time. I would so like to see this course taught in our public schools at every grade level. This is probably not going to happen although I believe that nothing is impossible with God. For this reason I would recommend that you consider taking the course for yourself and also make certain that your children have the benefit of learning the truth about our awesome American History.
What it did for me, was cause me to grow in patriotism. It gave me a great hunger to get informed concerning what was taking place in the political arena. Today I am actively supporting candidates I believe in, who share my Christian political views. I have always voted, but now I feel my votes are made with greater understanding, after having done my homework.
Now I feel that I am the very best American I can be. And that is a very good feeling.
With Fondness
Claudia Bonfante [Housewife]
Morgan Hill, California

April 2010
Once I was in Arizona at a minister’s training school, and a local Christian chief talked about his unsaved tribe’s heritage and culture. All around the crowded room I could feel a universal longing from the students for something like the chief described. A student voiced it and the chief looked at us and said, “But you have God! Jesus’ salvation and truth! We need what you have!” True, but it wasn’t until the ACH seminar that I finally learned our miraculous one of a kind American heritage! We need to know our Christian heritage!!!
Did you know we’re the only nation in the history of the world who’s people set out to establish their government on God’s Biblical principles!
The PAG online course? I can’t get enough of it!
I learned: the history and principles of Christian government and the Why behind the scenes, How to see through the issues to principle, And how to answer opponents, To recognize manipulation, how to govern and make changes now and for the future!
I’m convinced a Christian is not fully equipped to make a difference in this nation/world without training in government and I have found nothing better than this online course!
Julianna [Missionary / Teacher]
Sycamore, Illinois

May 2010
My wife and I attended last years conference [ACH Seminar] and even though we have attended the class many times over the years, we found it refreshing and exciting.
In fact there is no other conference offered anywhere that will inform you about the seven principles of American government. The course will teach you how the Founding Fathers set up our nation according to Biblical Principles.
Taking this course will be a life changing event. It is especially helpful to pastors and teachers as well as home school parents.
David Brown [Pastor]
Newark, California

January 2010
My husband and I would like to thank you for teaching PAG and for accepting Corey (age 13)into the class. I must honestly say that Corey was a little hesitant at first – especially after realizing that he was the youngest student in the class. It isn’t often that Corey comes to me and shares how much he enjoys a class. But he did with this one! He also mentioned how much he has learned and that he was a “little sad” when the class came to an end.
Thank you for blessing and challenging Corey in so many ways. I was not able to participate as much as I would have liked because of the baby. But I have enjoyed learning PAG along with my child. The notebook has been overwhelming for Corey at times, but he was able to stay on task and rise to the occasion.
We especially appreciated the meaningful and thought-provoking conversations and tests. Most importantly, thank you for glorifying the Father in all that you do! Thank you for bringing us along with you as we explored the history of ideas that have helped shape our culture and for clinging to that solid biblical standard in which we evaluate those ideas. What a wonderful role-model you are for the students and also the parents! I can’t thank you enough!!!
We look forward to joining you in the upcoming history class!
Deborah Rogers (Corey’s Mom)
[Principles of American Government Course participant and parent of participant]
Meadows Place, Texas

May 2010
There have been certain times in my life when I have learned a truth that has drastically changed me. These truths have been “milestones” because they influence my perspective and relationship with the Almighty God and man. The information in this course [PAG], taught by Ben Gilmore, is a milestone in my life. As a farmer and cattle rancher, the knowledge impacts my daily decisions; as I steward what the LORD has entrusted to me.
Kristian Knutson [Farmer / Rancher]
Malta, Illinois

April 2010
The Principles of American Government course has had a profound impact on my understanding of the principles on which the American system of government were founded. Mr. Gilmore brought these truths to light and nurtured each student in the class to think, reason and act upon the truths that formed our nation and are still working today! This class has also strengthened my faith in Christ and empowered me to speak with authority on the current issues of our day. I have already had the opportunity to apply some of these principles to my business. I would HIGHLY recommend this class and am considering taking it a second time! Thank you Mr. Gilmore!
Mark Wainwright [Business Owner]
DeKalb, Illinois

April 2010
Dear Mr. Gilmore,
Thank you so much for your instruction these last three months. [PAG] What I have learned in this course allows me to appreciate and love this country even more. I also have a deeper understanding of The Lord’s providence and provision for His people. Also, thank you for your kindness and care when I was deep in the “valley”. Your words were very comforting to my soul. I will never forget that.
May our Lord bless you even more, and keep you safe.
Susan Brown [Home-schooling Mother]
Boca Raton, Florida

April 2010
I wanted to tell everyone who reads this, that this Principles of American Government course taught by Mr. Gilmore, has truly been LIFE-CHANGING to me, I would highly recommend this course to ANYONE who has the means to take it.
Harrison Dean [Student]
Shawnee, Kansas

April 2010
I believe the phrase “life-changing” is probably overused, but I must say that it applies to my son’s experience in the Principles of American Government course. The combination of the course content along with Mr. Gilmore’s experience, teaching ability and heart for his students makes this course unique and unmatched. I highly recommend the course for your teen and expect that your teen’s life will be changed as a result!
Maria Dean [Parent of Student]
Shawnee, Kansas

April 2010
As a high schooler, having taken The Principles of American Government class, taught by Mr. Gilmore, I can now understand how and why different situations occur in politics and everyday life. I am able to use what I learned about the seven fundamental principles that our founding fathers advocated for, when I engage in politics, conversations, and when I present speeches to the public.
On April 15, 2010, I had the honor to speak at the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Tax Day Tea Party. Although I had a three minute allotted speaking time, I was still able to choose one very essential principle of the seven that Mr. Gilmore teachings on. I focused in on what I believe is the root cause of America’s “big government”-our lack of self-government.
For generations Americans have been dumbed down and indoctrinated with lies. Unless we change it and become reeducated with the importance of this nation’s founding principles and educate others about them and reincorporate them in our daily thoughts and actions, America will no longer stand. As the people go, so goes the nation.
Yes, in America we have rights, but as citizens we also have duties. It is our duty to be stand up for these seven principles that are paramount for reclaiming America for what it once was.
I will leave you with this quote by the director of the Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies, Dr. Matt Spalding, who as Mr. Gilmore and everyone else who took this class now fights for, “If we intend to govern ourselves from this point forward, we have to go back to these principles. Otherwise, someone is going to govern us.”
I profoundly recommend every American citizen to take this extremely well taught course. It will leave a lasting impact on your life, as your every decision will be based on valuable principles and it will give you the urge to speak for the truth.
Do not think twice about enrolling for the PAG class. Do it for you. Do it for your country.
Thank you so much, Mr. Gilmore, for sharing what you know with us!
May God be with you and continue to bless America,
Brittney Deoliveira [Student]
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

June 2010
When I first signed up for the American History & Government Seminar last June, I thought the twelve-hour days were excessive. But history came alive to me for the first time in my life and the days flew by. At the end, I thought the study could use a few more days and I didn’t want it to be over! The instructors captivated my interest and sparked a zeal for wanting to learn more about our founding fathers, our Constitution, and what made America a great nation. I have since taken a keen interest in our government, become aware of the movement to dissolve and make irrelevant our Constitution and dismiss our founding fathers as archaic. Until we learn our history and Constitution—something that is not, and has not, been taught in American schools for some time—we are doomed to lose what those who went before us fought for so valiantly. I highly recommend this study to everyone and will definitely take it again.
Debra Jackson [Constitutional Activist]
Rocklin, California

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