John Locke

How Big is Your God?

–By Ben Gilmore

During the last few weeks it has been my honor to represent the late Mary-Elaine Swanson, author of John Locke – Philosopher of American Liberty.  I have been an interview guest on nine radio programs across the country, promoting this outstanding work.  Every American should have a copy in their library.

Those interviews included questions about our own organization, “ACH Study Groups.”

In turn that prompted a number of off-the-air exchanges with hosts and listeners.  Some were uncomfortable with Locke’s views of “Natural Law“, what man may discover of the will of God through observation and reason.  Others were uncomfortable with my optimism in the face of today’s rampant evil.

I will discuss Natural Law in a future letter.  Today, I wish to discuss evil.

“E´VIL, n. Evil is natural or moral. Natural evil is any thing which produces pain, distress, loss or calamity, or which in any way disturbs the peace, impairs the happiness, or destroys the perfection of natural beings.

“Moral evil is any deviation of a moral agent from the rules of conduct prescribed to him by God, or by legitimate human authority; or it is any violation of the plain principles of justice and rectitude.

“There are also evils called civil, which affect injuriously the peace or prosperity of a city or state; and political evils, which injure a nation, in its public capacity.

“All wickedness, all crimes, all violations of law and right are moral evils. Diseases are natural evils, but they often proceed from moral evils.”  [Noah Webster – 1828  Emphasis is mine]

I find only three human organizations in the Bible which God created and through which he deals: Family, Church, and Civil-Government (State).  Thus, those supporting a single, “one-world”, government are in rebellion against God, who deals in individual nations.

The Bible teaches that God is no respecter of persons.    Thus, those who would seek to subordinate others are violating God’s law of liberty.

To quote the late Harry Conn, “Sin is doing something legal, in  an illegal or excessive manner.”  Another definition, “Sin is rebellion against God’s will.”  My bottom line definition for sin – “A selfish choice.”  All of these fit into Webster’s definition for “evil”.

Today, there is much evidence of giant, well funded conspiracies, dedicated to the destruction of American exceptionalism and the creation of a stateless “one-world” government.  Such conspiracies exist under ever-changing names.  I suspect they are little different from the evil conspiracies challenged by America’s founders.

Evil, even the “rampant evil” we face today, is not new!  It results from the universal depravity of man.  We sin because we choose to!!!!!  David was well aware how mean and evil Goliath was.  David’s God was much bigger and more powerful than Goliath!

Those uncomfortable with my optimism happened to have spent much of their time studying evil conspiracies.  Like the study of any rebellion (“sin”) it becomes addictive.  Many conspriacy students appear to me to become obsessed with knowledge of the enemy’s plans and successes.  They are ever-seeking more sensational examples, “to help awaken those unaware”.  The enemy is happy to supply more things about himself for them to study.

What does this produce in their students?  Certainly, knowledge of evil, awe at the size and scope of the problem, frustration with one’s inability to fight back, discouragement, fatalism.  Not very productive results for one’s time and study!!

Our ACH curriculum has been criticized because we ignore evil conspiracies in our history and government outlines.  Rather, we choose to focus upon “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God“.  We demonstrate God’s hand in human history.  Understanding these subjects creates a context for evil.

When evil stands alone, it appears larger than life.  When evil stands beside what is good, it becomes a paper tiger!

  Some view faith in God and prayer as passiveness.  Not so!  God said to the Israelites, “There is the promised land.  I give it to you.  Now, go fight for it!!!

Rather, faith and prayer are the starting point.  What follows is obedience to God’s instructions.

Ben Gilmore
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Musings of an Old Political Warhorse

–By Ben Gilmore

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. It is so easy to get caught up in trivia and miss focusing upon the critical thing(s). If we go into hyper-inflation and trucks and trains no longer deliver goods, we won’t even be able to buy condoms!

The critical focus of the current issue — The president does not have the authority to dictate what can be supplied by stores or insurance companies. His authority and that of his administration is limited by the U.S. Constitution.

The members of Congress and the Supreme Court are failing in their oaths to protect and preserve that Constitution by not yanking on his leash!

One authoritative step outside those limits becomes tyranny. Accepting such tyranny makes slaves of free men. He was “hired” to work within the predefined limits of the job.

The Tea Party freshmen elected in 2010 were not given a vote in their congressional leadership (Speaker John Bohner). Yet he took office because of the majority they created. As a result, they were “neutered” in many respects, by politicians more interested in status quo than “sudden and relentless reform!” ( To quote Gov. Sarah Palin).

Many folks say they are tired of “endless political bickering.” It appears to me they, and most bickering politicians, miss the critical point. America is in the final stages of a decades-long battle between liberty and slavery.

Forget “Politics is the art of compromise”. Liberty and slavery cannot exist at the same time! There is no compromise with slavery!

John Locke [1632 – 1704] had a profound impact upon America, as Colonial pastors preached the truths in his writings.

“… [W]hat state all Men are naturally in, and that is, a State of perfect Freedom, to order their Actions, and dispose of their Possessions, and Persons as they think fit, within the bounds of the Law of Nature, without asking leave, or depending upon the Will of any other man.”

The earth is a stage, upon which God has placed man, to act out his destiny. If you were the only one on the “stage”, you would discover that God had abundantly supplied everything you needed to sustain your life – “A state of Perfect freedom”.

“The State of Nature has a Law of Nature to govern it, which obliges everyone : And Reason, which is that Law, teaches all Mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his Life, Health, Liberty or Possessions.”

Another English writer, William Blackstone [1723 – 1780] , “Father of the Legal profession”, wrote of this Law of Nature in “Commentaries”.

“He [God] laid down certain immutable laws of human nature, whereby that free will is in some degree regulated and restrained, and gave him also the faculty of reason to discover the purport (i.e. “design or meaning”)of those laws.”

Blackstone continues to define another set of laws – “Revealed Law”.

“The doctrines thus delivered we call the revealed or divine law, and they are found only in the Holy Scriptures. These precepts, when revealed, are found upon comparison to be really a part of the original law of nature, as they tend in all their consequences to man’s felicity. (i.e. “great happiness”) … Yet undoubtedly the revealed law is of infinitely more authenticity than … natural law.”

Blackstone makes the point that “Natural Law” and “Revealed Law” will never be in conflict, because they come from the same source (God). One more quote from John Locke, that our forefathers understood well.

“For Men being all the Workmanship of one Omnipotent and infinitely wise Maker : whose Workmanship they are, made to last during his, not one another’s Pleasure”

Lastly, consider the “Declaration of Independence”:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”

This is a time for every American to set aside bickering and pride. Each of us has a different task to perform in defense of our corporate liberty. No doubt, each task will come with a price. One requiring a change in priorities.

There is no place on the fence. Choose your side and prepare to battle for the soul of America.

For His-story & Government
Ben Gilmore

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