Liberty and Morality

–By Ben Gilmore
Written for Harvard alum magazine —

A friend was asked to host an American history event I was to lead. “American History is a Christian thing, isn’t it. I’m Jewish.” I responded, “The one I love most in all the world is Jewish!”

The principles used as foundation for the good things America has produced happen to be Christian principles. One need not accept the lordship of Christ, or even the Mosaic law, to recognize the exceptionalism if such principles.

“Individuality”, “Self-Government”, “Quality Character”, “Private Property”, “American (governmental) Form”, “Local Authority”, “Liberty” are each among “Christian” principles. Each is currently under severe attack.

The last few generations in America have permitted the undermining of that foundation and the dumbing down of our society, such that those who defend such principles are thought to be the “stupid” ones.

Therein, I believe, lies the root to most of the problems you mentioned. Liberty and morality based on religious conviction, cannot exist independent of one another.

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