2013-08-11 Proof – God cares for you

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August 11, 2013

This is a letter to our friends –

Proof – God cares for you

My mother was a blind, diabetic, amputee. Sometimes she would say she was so frustrated – Her toe would itch and there was no toe to scratch!

The itch was very real indeed – but – the foot was long gone.

My friend Winkie Pratney surmised, “Suppose our whole physiology (The science of the mind, of its various phenomena, affections and powers) exists independent of our bodies. Just as her itching toe existed independent of her foot.”

He went on to speculate that a heroin addict, whose body (physiology) was screaming for a narcotic fix. Suppose he had the band around his arm, his vein pumping in anticipation. Suppose he had the syringe ready to inject the heroin – and – at that moment, he dies.

For the rest of eternity, his physiology, independent of his dead body, continues screaming for the fix – and – There is no arm into which to put the needle!

Can you think of a better description of hell?

Now – Consider this. The Creator God has provided a wholesome means of fulfillment for every need you discover. We have a loving God who cares for us!

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