2013-07-12 Rejoice with us

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July 12, 2013

This is a letter to our friends –

Rejoice with us

The Lord has provided the means for Fran and I to enjoy our first vacation road-trip in decades. We will be driving a new Prius hybrid to see if the mileage claims are true. We plan being away from home for two weeks and have few “hard” date commitments!

Several thoughts come to mind as Teryn, our guest / home-sitter prepares breakfast before we leave.

I have dabbled in the social network apps and always seem to get lost. Thus – I avoid them as much as I can. This should explain why I have not responded to the many comments and invitations from our friends. E-Mail works for me – please.

I am concerned for our friends around the world, in America and for our neighborhood. Many of you appear to have decided to ignore the news, because it is so discouraging. Isn’t that exactly what your enemy would want you to do? Evil does not want righteousness to have any awareness or influence in public affairs! He wants it for himself! (POWER CORRUPTS)

The result – We hear nothing about the wonderful things God is doing around the world and nation. I see only two alternatives. – One is pretty dark – as evil divides our society to fight against ourselves and bring this experiment in civil-self-government crashing down around our ears. The other is encouraging – As the humble prayers of God-fearing people, confessing our personal and national sins, ask for mercy rather than the justice we deserve for having turned God out of our society.

Human history is full of examples of national redemption in response to prayer. I choose to pray for it!! — Prius is here – Bye…..

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