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~ Ben Gilmore

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~ Ben Gilmore

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2014-06-13 Update – Dr Steve Long

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June 13, 2014

This is a letter to our friends –

Update – Dr. Steve Long

International Students Christian Outreach – Stanford

A while back – This blog requested prater for Steve Long in Thailand. He and his wife, Vicky, are finally home. Thank you for your prayers.

Hi and thank you for your prayers and support.

June 10th We arrived at SFO at 4pm. Took 2 hours with wheelchair assistance to clear customs. SFO had a flood of people with many planes landing at a similar time. Peter, John and Becky waited patiently to pick us up. Our cell phones were not working so they did not know why it was taking so long. Finally we were reunited at 6pm. We had a celebration dinner at a restaurant, then back home. I was wonderful to be with our sons and to hear about Peter and John’s end of school year. It felt so good to be in our own beds again.

June 11th we were getting unpacked and reorganized. Also taking naps – we were so tired!!! Time for food shopping while Steve slept.

June 12th we went to the VA Hospital to meet with our primary care doctor. The medications were reviewed along with the hospital report. We got USA meds, a chest x-ray, and blood test. Next time will be with the cardiologist for further assessment.

So, thank you again for your prayers. Steve is a miracle. He was dead 9 times, and now he is alive. Nothing is impossible with God. We look forward to seeing you soon. Praying for God’s direction and guidance – Steve is a new man. God has also given him a new message and anointing.

Blessings and love,

Steve and Vicky

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