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This morning, a dear friend, disavowed American exceptionalism by equating it to previous empires that have risen and fallen. I believe his views are shared by many sincerely patriotic Americans, dedicated to godliness and righteousness.

Men of whom the world is not worthy, bled and died to raise America to a level of godliness and righteousness, never reached by previous “empires.” My friend, I believe, has not grasped what God has done in His developing of concepts of biblical liberty and government as illustrated in America’s founding..

Today’s American society is exchanging its birthright for a mess of pottage without recognizing its value. They do not know that they do not know! They have been deceived.

Some who read these columns will understand when I say, “Rapid and very important changes are taking place. These changes impact each of us – and our children. Like those preparing for an event in the Bible stories – The wise will inform themselves and prepare.”

To those who will hear me – Invest $100 a year in “” The 5PM Eastern Time hour on the net, is archived. View it at your leisure. Believe me please, this information and training opportunity is unique. I believe God may be inspiring it.

Ed Greer has served as an elected county official for many years. He sent a note I want to share with his permission. [Disclaimer – His comments (below) have no association with my thoughts above.]

Hi Ben: I enjoyed your thoughts on the subject of what comes down to, lawlessness within government institutions. I have jotted down a few of my own thoughts on the subject and thought I’d share them with you,

God Bless you,


We the People mustn’t believe the lie that the government has authority over the truth or that somehow there are more people who believe in despotism than believe in America’s foundations in the God of the bible and belief in the Rule of Law found in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The government of the United States was formed and created by the people for the purpose of enforcing and defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Constitution under God, is the king of the United States that can be referenced in Romans 13. The elected and unelected people of government are its servants and employees, designated to enforce, uphold and defend those laws that govern them and the land.

Unfortunately, many of these employees (similar to a dog biting its master’s hand) have learned how to manipulate and distort the laws of the land with sinister motivations designed to elevate themselves as tyrants rather than servants of the people they were hired to serve.

The subject that has caught so many peoples attention as of late is the design of these government officials to go even further in violating the laws of the Constitution. The President has inferred his intentions of creating an Executive Order that would violate the Rule of Law by disarming the American people of their right to bear arms as ordered within the 2nd Amendment..

There is only one way that the 2nd Amendment can be “legally” rescinded or even restricted without the government violating the Laws it is required to defend. For the Bill of Rights to be altered or for an Amendment to be rescinded it must first be approved and ratified by three quarters of the States (38 of them) before it can legally be declared as the Law of the Land.

Otherwise, in this case, the government and the President would be in complete violation of the 2nd Amendment whether he does it by Executive Order or legislation created by the Congress. Such actions would be an act of tyranny and lawlessness without authority of the Rule of Law.

If the “majority” of the people were aware of that Law and of our rights of the people stated within the Declaration of Independence – it is the lawful right and duty of the people to bear arms – resist tyranny and all forms of domestic enemies. Such illegal action against the peoples inalienable rights is in essence, a declaration of war, created by our government and within the context of such unlawful actions, the American people are legally justified at joining together as a United people for the purpose of resisting and deposing such tyrants and lawlessness.

Knowledge is empowering and when the people are armed with such understanding coupled with action, it enforces tyrants to crawl back under the rock that they came from – abide within the laws of our Constitution or be prosecuted for violating it.

Eventually the people are going to realize that a good number of our lawmakers, mega Bankers (Federal Reserve) and giant-Corporation-Manipulators should be behind bars after being found guilty in a courtroom for the crimes they have committed against the Constitution and the American people..

We mustn’t forget, information is power and the right to bear arms enforces that information.

Ed Greer 11/14/13

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