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~ Abraham Lincoln

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~ Ben Gilmore

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2013-12-14 Regarding Bathsheba

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December 14, 2013

This is a mail-merge letter to our friends –

Regarding Bathsheba

Folks are familiar with the Bible account. God had made David king. That appointment came with great authority. King David sent for his married neighbor, Bathsheba. As king, he had that authority. She complied, as she should.

Then David propositioned Bathsheba – she complied again. Tragic results were set in motion.

When the man, David, propositioned Bathsheba, he stepped outside the authority God had given him as king. Bathsheba should not have complied.

We the people” drafted the Constitution, which created the national government and set the limits of its authority.

When the president, the legislature, or even the supreme court, step outside the limits prescribed by our Constitution, I stand upon the very same God-given liberty He gave Bathsheba thousands of years ago. I should not comply.

Civil authority comes ONLY from the governed, in a free society. Laws, rules, regulations, etc. that are outside the authority “we the people” have given our civil government are to be considered “no law at all”. Such laws, rules, regulations, etc. violate the liberty God has given to each of us. Every man is under God’s law of liberty, “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”.

If I participate in such violations, I bow to tyranny and surrender a portion of my God-given liberty. The supreme court is not the ultimate authority on Constitutional limits – I am, with my choice to comply, or not to comply.

History will demonstrate that force is the ultimate tool tyrants use to achieve compliance. Tyrants isolate an individual, or group that resist compliance and impose harsh punishment. That may be fines, jail, even (historically) beheading.

Tyranny will always fail in the end, when faced down by men willing to stand upon their God-given liberty. Men willing to be martyred, if need be, rather than bow to tyranny.

On January 1st, American citizens have been “directed” to purchase government-approved health insurance policies, or pay a fine which increases from year to year. I recognize no Constitutional authority for such a directive.

If I choose to purchase health insurance it will be my choice. If I choose to self-insure it will be my choice. If I choose not to insure it will be my choice. Tyranny is seeking to exercise authority over the health decisions of all Americans.

I will not comply!

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