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2014-02-01 On Homosex

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February 1, 2014

This is a letter to our friends –

On Homosex

Forgive me, I watch television shows. Fran and I enjoy mystery stories, football, golf, and an occasional chick-flick. I understand that the TV recorder hurts the free enterprise system, but we prefer to watch a recorded show to fast-forward the bedroom scenes as well as the commercials.

I have noticed an increasing number of TV scripts that involve everyday acceptance of homosexuality. That can not help but enhance public (i.e. society) acceptance of homosex.

When someone speaks against such acceptance, a small but noisy uproar will take place. That, I believe, is designed to intimidate others from doing the same. The problem – Truth will always struggle to reach the surface.

A few days ago, I posted an article on “Natural Law” (discovered by observation and reason) and “Revealed Law” (found only in the Holy Scriptures). God is the source of both sets of Law. They will never be in conflict.

Homosex is clearly outside Holy Scripture law (the Bible). See Romans chapter one as just one example.

Homosex is clearly outside the laws of nature. A homosexual society will not reproduce itself.

Fear of man is also outside both sets of law. If we want the very best for our neighbor, it seems to me, we must speak out when he is being deceived into believing homosex is acceptable.

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