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April 21, 2015

This is a letter to our friends –

Why study Latin?

An unapologetic commercial!

It was 1945, George Washington high school, northern Manhattan, New York City. I was a sophomore student in Mrs. O’Rourke’s Latin class. To this day, things I learned about grammar in that class, come to mind!

Fran and I attended a homeschool lecture, way before homeschooling was popular. Fran met Mary Harrington and shared what she was learning. At the time, (early 1980’s) Fran had organized a one room school, “Parent Educators Resource Center” (PERC). She invited Mary to teach Latin in her school.

That was the beginning of a close friendship. In the process Mary and her friend, Gail Busby, published a Latin curriculum for homeschoolers, “Latin in the Christian Trivium”. Over the years, it has grown. Mary invited Fran to join her course as an online teacher.

Using Skype as a virtual classroom for interactive classes twice a week, Fran teaches Latin to homeschoolers all across the nation. The course follows a story line of a Roman centurion and his family, as they travel the middle-east. Students learn history and bible as they learn Latin. Often they befriend other students and visit on vacation trips.

I just viewed Hillsdale College’s online course, “Why study Latin”. Good viewing for homeschool moms!

If you are interested in Latin and Christian teachers, contact Mary Harrington, LatinDr3@gmail.com, or Fran Gilmore, MizLatin@garlic.com.

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

On March 30, 2023 Ben Gilmore, the co-founder of ACHStudyGroups (co-founded with his wife Fran), went to be with the Lord in Glory.

A Memorial: https://www.mykeeper.com/profile/BenGilmore/