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January 20, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –


Every human organization is run by a mixture of only three elements of government: Rule of one (monarchy); Rule of a few (aristocracy); Rule of many (democracy- “majority rule”). If you will pause to think about it – one, few, many – are the only possibilities.

Nothing exists without a set of rules to govern it. Within those “laws of nature and of nature’s God” will be peace and growth. Outside those laws – chaos!

When a monarchy goes rogue, it becomes a tyranny. When an aristocracy goes rogue it becomes an oligarchy. When a democracy goes rogue it becomes an anarchy.

Our constitution brilliantly combines all three elements of government into one. The Presidency is “rule of one.” The Supreme Court is “rule of a few.” The Congress is “Rule of many.”

On December 2nd last year this column was headed, “Handicapping the Candidates.” I suggest rereading it (below) as the actual voting is about to begin. Please give thought to the discussion of Donald Trump – I commented that we would be swapping a “treasonous tyrant” for a “patriotic tyrant” – but a tyrant nonetheless.

December 2, 2015

This is a letter to our friends –

Handicapping the candidates

With 50 years of political involvement, I am often asked about candidates. Here are my thoughts this fall.

Trump – As president, I believe he would be very good at getting things done. His following would stay with him with popular support for a time. This would make him a powerful leader. On the other hand – Nothing exists without a set of rules to govern it. Trump appears to me to lack a depth of understanding about the rules that will “make America great again”. I believe he would not respect private property, or the limits on the president by the legislature and courts. We would have exchanged a traitorous-tyrant for a patriotic-tyrant. A tyrant nonetheless. Tyranny is unstable.

Carson – A man of principle. As president, he would quickly reestablish respect for America. His clear thought and unbending devotion to sound principle would help him navigate the dangerous waters of international politics and domestic economy. His native humility makes it easy to surround himself with the right people. Carson, I believe would be a great president.

Cruz – Also a man of principle. Like Carson, an outstanding intellect with sound principles for guidance. Unlike Carson, Cruz has demonstrated great political skills. Memory is short, but the Cruz resume is full of examples where he faced down powerful opposition. There will be confusion over his Canadian birth (as an American citizen). Because of his proven background, I would vote Cruz over Carson.

Rubio – A likeable person, but nowhere near as strong in principle as Carson and Cruz. I believe Washington’s power politics would swallow him up. I note that much of that power is leaning toward Rubio. In my opinion, a weak president.

Bush – At this point an, “also ran”. Trump has successfully taken out the “establishment” candidates. It appears to me that the public’s vote will overwhelm traditional campaign financing. If elected, Bush would try hard. I believe he would fail.

Each of the others – Have their strong and weak points. I see little possibility that any of them can sustain a race to the nominating convention next summer. On the other hand, there is a possibility that some or all of the 5 above will still be campaigning at the nominating convention. That presents the public with a problem.

The Republican party has lost credibility – with the public. Grass roots activists would do well to take a page from the Pauls’ campaigns and become active locally in order to trickle-up their authority at the convention. A contested convention would be exciting, but sound principles are vulnerable to a politicized convention floor.

The ultimate decision – is in God’s hands. I believe America will not fail. Granted: America deserves the most severe justice. We have earned our place upon the ash-heap of failed nations.

Many today have lost sight of, or never discovered, the exceptionalism of this Nation. God’s hand in human history is a 6000 year story of His teaching men how to love Him and how to get along with one another. That story climaxed with the creation of the first nation in human history to establish itself upon Godly principles. If this experiment in Christian self-government fails, it will appear that God’s principles do not work. The world will be swept with hopelessness.

America, I believe, will survive. Not indeed for our sakes, but for God’s sake, and for what it means to the world He loves! I can envision God sitting on the edge of His throne, anxiously watching to see if there are enough of us in prayer and action to justify His mercy over justice.

[Note – These columns are archived in the ACH web site.]

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

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