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February 6, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –

Shiny Objects

I am concerned that so many people that should know better, shift their attention to insignificant “shiny objects” the enemy dangles in front of them.

Learning the character and principles of those seeking your support should be the focus. All men are sinners. If he can, the enemy will maneuver you into defending a man’s sins as opposed to endorsing his character and principles.

When the dust settles and the true picture emerges – I suspect it will have been a strategic news story, planted at just the right time by a liberal reporter, for the purpose of being misunderstood. It worked just as designed! Ted Cruz was accused of dirty tricks. Congressman King, National co-chair of the Cruz campaign, failed to confirm the story with Ben Carson. Ben Carson failed to discern the liberal source and challenged Cruz’s character. I believe Carson should have known that Cruz would have nothing to do with such a lie. It is contrary to his character.

The result – A well-earned Iowa victory was tarnished by a dirty trick planted by the left. The “shiny object” distracted many supporters.

I suggest human nature will create a steady supply of such distractions. Recognize the fact in advance. Stay focused on learning the character and principles of the candidates seeking your vote. When they are elected, character and principles will count, distractions will not!

The best measure of character I have found is the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Cruz, Carson and Rubio are outspoken on the subject. Other candidates – less so.

Regarding principles – Cruz appears to have more experience applying them to the goal of smaller central government and enhancing individual liberty – like erasing the IRS.

Power is addictive. It requires great strength of character to shift authority downstream rather than gathering it to yourself so you can “govern better”! I watched the conservative movement that started with Goldwater in ’64, gather strength until we controlled the California Republican Party (CRP). Then, rather than shift the power to the CRP delegates on the floor, issues were settled in the back rooms and the liberals resumed power.

Magnify that to the national picture with several generations of power junkies. They truly believe they are to rule. I watched a you tube lecture by a rancher who understood that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) unconstitutionally controls nearly a third of American land mass. He was ambushed and murdered! He would not submit to tyranny.

Liberty is not a game! When your time comes – will you stand upon character and principle?

Liberty costs more than slavery because it is worth more!

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