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2016-05-06 Again More Thoughts' wisdom

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May 6, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –

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Please understand if this is your second post.

More thoughts on our Founders’ wisdom

The ultimate democracy is a lynch mob – Only one man objects!

Face it – Large groups may mean well, but they are prone, because of human nature, to be unwise. Why is that?

A large group presses you to go along to get along. It is easy to be swept along with the tide. Sir William Blackstone, father of the legal profession, put it this way, “Popular assemblies are frequently foolish in their contrivance (devising or planning), and weak in their execution (the act of completing or accomplishing).”

A large group takes on a personality. It may be led into deception by a persuasive speaker. It may become irrational and turn into a mob with emotions but no rules.

I have made this point frequently in these posts. My heart says to pound it home in hopes it will be repeated.

Example in point – Massive Trump rallies. A persuasive speaker. One who himself appears to be swept by the crowd. Making frequent irrational, inflammatory, and unproven statements that are enthusiastically applauded by the throng. Once applauded, human nature wants them to be right and defends them irrationally.

America’s wise founders understood the virtue of reason and discussion. That is why they put political decisions in the hands of representatives at every level. Representatives who were accountable for their choices. Our Constitution gives “We the people” responsibility for choosing and electing representatives who will use the vote we have given them in a wise way. If we choose unwisely or carelessly – We are the ones accountable!

A note to California voters: Last day to register to vote in California Primary on May 23. You may obtain registration forms at any post office.

Further – Many voters have expressed their disappointment with the Republican Party by changing their registration to “Decline to state” (independent). WARNING – CA GOP primary is for Republican voters only. If you want to vote in in the GOP primary, you must register Republican at least temporarily.

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