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2016-10-08 Casting first stones

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October 8, 2016

This is a letter to our friends –

Casting first stones

All men are sinners. Agree quickly and take the subject back to principle. Else your opponent will put you in the position of defending a man’s sin.

I write this on the eve of the second debate. I urge readers not to defend Donald Trump. Rather – Defend the principles his presidency will enhance. The trap is set. The bait is there. Please do not take it.

A Trump presidency promises acceptable Supreme Court appointments.

A Trump presidency promises positive economic improvement.

A Trump presidency promises greater border security.

A Trump presidency promises a challenge to political corruption.

A Trump presidency promises an enhanced military policy.

The alternative does not promise – We are assured of continued degradation.

David slew Goliath and the army of the living God chased the Philistines off of the battle field. Had they been listening to the Philistine news-casts, they would have heard of a rebellious, rock throwing teen, worried about what Goliath’s four brothers (also giants) were planning to do.

Those who take the bait and seek to defend Donald Trump’s intemperate statements are in a no win situation. Rather, agree the statements were intemperate, then insist on discussing principle. We must not lose the last chance to save our nation over locker room talk. An issue that is dwarfed by the magnitude of the political corruption now being exposed.

A vote for other than Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Choosing not to vote is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Stay focused upon the goal.

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