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2017-03-09 HONORING THE VISION – update

ACH Study Groups

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Citrus Heights, CA 95621

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March 9, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Honoring the vision – update

Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE)

The vision of Verna Hall & Rosalie Slater

The faculty of the 1st pilot school

Those who have studied the “Red Books”

What an exciting event! In the early 1960’s these two ladies (above) co-founded FACE. Their goal was to discover and document America’s wonderful heritage of Christian history. They wanted to face down rampant efforts to rewrite history by leaving God and sound principle out of our society and schools.

These ladies were pioneers! FACE publications spread across the nation. This revelation of our Christian heritage inspired the founding of hundreds of independent, self-governed organizations, schools, and home-schools. Together they became a movement dedicated to restoring and enhancing American liberty and exceptionalism. A movement that continues today. How significant that their vision, 50 years ago, is so vital in today’s culture!

It is that vision we are honoring with the –

“Honoring the Vision” event

Saturday, September 23rd from 10 AM to 8PM

Destiny Christian Church

3600 Destiny Drive, Rocklin (Sacramento area), CA 95677

For information please call 916-722-2501

We are preparing a web site where you can print a registration form to be mailed with your check ($50 includes lunch and dinner banquet – Under 16, $30).

Discounted Hotel reservations:

Courtyard by Marriott

1920 Taylor Road, Roseville, CA 95661


Ask for “Honoring the Vision” discount.

Confirmed speakers are the President of FACE, Carole Adams, Marshall Foster, James Rose, Beth Ballenger, Kathy Dang, Ruth Smith, Ben Gilmore (Master American history teachers all). We hope you will join us to honor the vision of these pioneers and our American heritage.

There will be video recording to document the beginnings of the movement. You will be encouraged to add your memories to that documentation. Watch this column for further updates and the coming web site.

P.S. We hope many of you will help inform folks of this event by forwarding this to your mailing lists and posting it on your social media nets. Then send a second notice when the web site is opened.

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