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2017-04-26 Help Honor the Vision

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April 26, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Help Honor the Vision


A movement to restore knowledge of America’s wonderful Christian heritage began in the 1960’s. Many of the pioneer patriots of that movement have passed on. The rest are ageing. The “Honoring the Vision” event in Rocklin, California, a suburb of Sacramento, on Saturday, September 23rd is designed to honor those pioneers. (Patriot hero’s to many of us!)

In doing so, we hope to once again stimulate interest in learning what we don’t know that we don’t know.

“ For over one hundred years Americans have not known or learned of America’s Christian History. Five generations of Americans have produced a national ignorance concerning the Providential founding of this nation and of God’s hand in preserving, defending, and leading the Colonists to victory in 1775–1781—the seven long years of the American Christian Revolution. Today we have no proud heroes—no models of character, or leadership, to inspire our youth. We have no identity for courage, conscience or compassion, to cherish as part of the proud fabric which a people weaves into its character and tradition. The reason is not that we do not possess such a treasury of greatness and heroism. The reason is that we have allowed our treasury to be robbed and pillaged of its gold—the gold of Christian character. In so doing we have lost our vision of the destiny and purpose of God’s America.” [Rosalie Slater – 1973]

If you have not yet surfed the event’s web site I invite you to do so now (see above). We are featuring the faculty of the first pilot school using the Principle Approach to education. Everyone is invited to honor and learn from these master teachers.

Further – The whole event is to be video recorded in order to archive for future researchers the history of this part of the movement to restore our heritage. If you have studied under Principle Approach teachers, or have memories of the early days of the movement, we hope you will come to the event and add your comments to the video recording.

The organizing committee believes there will be two hundred or more attendees. We have many expenses – Speakers’ air fares and hotel as well as video and meal staff. To encourage early registration we have set a sliding scale: Registration is $50; After July 15th registration is $55; After August 31st registration is $60. Registration for those under 16 is $30. (Lunch and closing banquet are included.)

Over and above all that we must raise almost $10,000 from those willing to support this event and its purpose. If you know of such individuals or organizations please share this appeal. Make checks payable to, “Honoring the Vision”. Send them to P.O. Box 661975, Sacramento, California 95866. For information – HonoringTheVision or 916-722-2501.

Pray for America’s restoration.

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