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2017-08-08 Real world speculation

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August 8, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

“Real world” speculation

Looking at the primary elections next spring and the general elections in November, 2018 – I believe the true situation is setting up for an anti-left landslide.

The Democrat party has taken a hard shift left. Coupled with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” appeal, the Democrats have lost the union labor voting block. The black vote is fragmenting. Heaven only knows what direction the Hispanic vote is going!

Traditionally the “mother’s milk of politics,” money, unlimited in the hands of incumbent Democrats has assured leftist success. Not this time, I believe.

First, recent election cycles have stripped the number of incumbent Democrat office holders.

Next, Trump is leading an ideological movement that is not motivated by money. His supporters are not for sale. The only thing left for sale are politicians! They only have one vote each!

Leftist money can buy demonstrations in an effort to create chaos and confusion as an excuse for civil government to step in with martial law and block elections. Recent efforts at generating riots have not been sustainable and are falling into disrepute.

The “real world” is still in the hands of God! God responds to prayer. Once a man called Moses was told that God was disappointed in His sinful people and was going to wipe them out and start over, again, with Moses. Moses responded, “Don’t do it Lord! It will make You appear mean and give the world a false image of Your character.” God responded to Moses’ prayer and said that He would change His mind and show mercy.

If America fails, it will appear to a hurting world that Christian self-government does not work! Do we deserve to fail? Yes indeed! God’s disappointment in us must be far, far greater than His disappointment in the sinful Hebrew nation. “To whom much is given, much will be required!”

Something is causing the tide to change in favor of righteousness. More evil is daily being exposed. I believe the true cause rests with the thousands of intercessors across America (and the world) who are pleading mercy for America instead of justice.

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