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2017-10-23 Honoring The Vision – Historic Event

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October 23, 2017

This is a letter to our friends –

Honoring The Vision

An Historic Event

A full month has passed. Kudos have come in. It was truly a gathering of giants. A gathering of master teachers, most with a generation of service. The common threads among them: Respect for the founders of FACE, Verna Hall & Rosalie Slater; An understanding of the hand of God in the founding of America; A love for the “Principle Approach”.

Any one of the many speakers and testimonies is worth playing over and over.

Our committee believed it would be the historic event it was. We had two video cameras recording almost continuously (20+ hours of raw video). I have just finished viewing the whole set of files.

Several have asked, “What is next for the recording.”

The original raw data will be archived in the Hall & Slater Library in Virginia. It is not to be copied or excerpted. Perhaps future historians will be researching the movement and find this archive valuable.

I will hold a copy of the original ( AUDIO FILES – 7 GB &VIDEO FILES 130 GB ) until the Lord brings a team with the qualifications and sufficient love of the subject, plus the sophisticated production equipment and funding to produce a finished product worthy of the content. It is hoped the finished product will be available at cost plus shipping.

I invite all those interested in this project to join me in prayer for the right team.

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