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April 28, 2018

This is a letter to our friends –

Principles of American Government – (PAG)

The next “Principles of American Government” online course is scheduled for Monday, June 18, 2018. Using Skype-video as a virtual classroom, students may interact with one another and the teacher. There are 24 classes (Mondays & Wednesdays) each lasting 75 minutes. In addition, 4-5 hours of quality study time per week is required. If there is sufficient interest, both morning and evening (identical) classes will be offered. There is no tuition, contributions are welcome. Though a bit obsolete, a course syllabus is available on our website (see letterhead).

A word to those who read this column regularly – I encourage you to invest a few hours a week in this course. The Lord has permitted me to learn and teach this material for over three decades. This is an opportunity to anchor basic principles in bedrock, then pass them along to others. My 88 years of life experiences add context to this material.

A word to parents – You have a unique obligation to your family, and your society, to train up the next generation. I urge you to invest time in this course. If you have teens or pre-teens, they should take the course with you!

Two text books are needed. They may be purchased from “Foundation for American Christian Education” (see Google). Also, used texts are available on line:

· “The Christian History of The Constitution of The …”, Vol. I “Christian Self-Government” [CAUTION – Vol. II “Christian Self-Government With Union” is not required.]

· “Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History”

This is not a course in the U S. Constitution. This is a course in the fundamental principles that inspired the creation of our founding documents. Phone or e-mail me if you are interested.

In His love & service

Ben Gilmore

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2018-04-23 Basics #1

ACH Study Groups

Ben & Fran Gilmore – Cofounders

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April 23, 2018

This is a letter to our friends –

Basics #1

(I hope this series of posts will be thought worth saving.)

“They who assert that a blind fatality produced the various effects we behold in the world talk very absurdly; for can anything be more unreasonable than to pretend that a blind fatality could be productive of intelligent beings?” [Charles Montesquieu 1689 – 1755]

This quote from the 17th century shows that the question of God’s existence is an ongoing one. Anyone who denies there is a God is a fool. The single phrase, “intelligent design”, settles the issue. Here are three things intelligent design indicates:

First – A product demands a producer. Something as complex as an eyeball cannot result from random events. Intelligence is required.

Second – The product reveals attributes of the producer. There is a wholesome means of fulfillment for every human need. The Producer cares for His product.

Third – To function as designed, a product must be created with the image of age. The seed of a fruit tree is found within the fruit. That requires a full grown fruit bearing tree. A seed will not produce itself. (By the way – Cut down the tree and find tree rings. It was created with a virtual history! A history that did not exist!)

So why is the question of God’s existence an ongoing one? Because human nature is what it is! People want to believe what they want to believe. They will ignore and twist evidence and reason to find ways to support what they want to support.

To avoid acknowledging a Creator God, they must say that things result from random events. In order to make that more believable they add eons of time. The truth they are choosing to hold under is that, with infinite attributes, God can create whatever He chooses in as much or as little time as He chooses!

So why are these fools holding under truth that is always struggling to the surface? Again, because human nature is what it is! We are created with a love for conscious freedom. We do not like the idea of an authority greater than our own. Denying that Authority is what makes fools.

Were we simply to acknowledge that nothing (including ourselves) exists without a set of rules to govern it

2018-04-11 True Education

ACH Study Groups

Ben & Fran Gilmore – Cofounders

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April 11, 2018

This is a letter to our friends –

True Education

God’s hand is often at work behind the scenes. Launched in the 1960’s, FACE (The Foundation for American Cristian Education) has been a prime force in preserving and teaching our great heritage. Every parent needs to read this article by FACE Director, Dr. Carole Adams.

…the largest single mission field in the entire world is America’s public schools.
A former public school teacher

Dear Friend,

Learning is possibly the most powerful force in the life of a child. The nature of teaching forms not just the intellect but the heart, the character and the learner’s worldview.

Teachers shape the nation.

A straight line can be drawn between American schools and the decline of American culture. By excluding God from our classrooms, government-imposed secular teaching in public schools over several generations has resulted in the social and cultural decline we lament today.

We have previously mentioned the obvious fact: the longer a student spends in America’s public schools, the more he learns to hate America. Why? Here are just four possible reasons:

1. Socialism is taught as the superior economic system
Capitalism is portrayed as the evil impoverishment of people. This distorts the reality that capitalism has lifted millions out of poverty and created the greatest wealth of any economic system ever managed by fallen humans.

2. Social engineering is taught as a means of controlling society
Teachers are trained to “evangelize” their students with the latest trends in social engineering instead of supporting the Biblical idea of the family as the core of our society, upholding Christian character and self-government.

3. “Progressive” curriculum indoctrination
Students are taught to believe that all forms of government, and the type of culture they construct, are of equal value replacing the Christian idea that reveres life, upholds liberty and protects property.

4. Distortion of American history
American history is twisted to serve the current social trends, or banished as completely irrelevant, leaving our children ignorant of the wisdom of valuing the principles that make them free.

The full impact of education is generational. Government controlled schools create cultural chaos and become the disseminators of “progressive” education that was initiated in the early 20th century by individuals like John Dewey who said, “There is no god and there is no soul… Hence, there is no need for the props of traditional religion… for fixed and natural law or permanently moral absolutes.” Thus, the seeds of socialism were sown.

However, problems present opportunities. As an American Christian, your support of the work of the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) is vital, not only because we identify these problems, but because we address these problems from the sound foundation of Biblical reasoning.

Bringing back true education

In plain view, we can point to undeniable evidence of the time-tested remedy for American education—a return to our heritage of Christian liberty, character and self-government through the doorway of the classroom.

Now, an opportunity to reverse the direction of American education is within our reach. How? By bringing back true education, simply stated, by returning to the quality of education that built our nation.

The good news is that a grand reversal is happening in homes, schools and churches where parents are taking back their responsibility. Once again American parents, patriots and pastors are embracing the idea of America—taking responsibility for one’s own. And it is the Biblical mandate to every Christian. They are discovering the beauty and power of true education to rebuild the nation.

The Principle Approach® model: true education

FACE has the means to enable the restoration of American schools to their original quality and intent—to sustain and perpetuate the Biblical principles that built our nation through Christian education. History proves the impact of authentic American education and provides the model for today that we know as the Principle Approach—the principles that stand alone as the very foundation of American political union.

Recently, I received a letter from two former public school teachers admonishing us to pay attention to “the largest single mission field in the entire world”—America’s public schools. This couple learned and embraced the Principle Approach early in their careers and found a way to implement it in their public school classrooms:

As Christians, we never abused our privilege in working with our students …I learned that there are basically only two things a public school teacher cannot do, namely, lead students in prayer and promote one religious faith over another…the principles stand alone as the very foundation of our American political union and traditional way of life… Christian public school teachers, properly schooled in the Principle Approach to education, have within their sphere of influence, the latitude, in most situations, to harmonize the principles with their district’s curriculum in their own individual classrooms.

What wisdom and hope this statement brings! It is a clarion call to all of us! Dare we imagine a new generation of public and Christian school teachers equipped with the principles of true education, unleashed to once again restore to our children their birthright of liberty?

Because the Principle Approach is a method of reasoning from principles, we underscore the urgent opportunity for rebuilding the nation through the training of Christian teachers in public schools. FACE is redoubling efforts to reach those teachers and parents with the joy and liberty of true education.

We support and equip thousands of Christian schools, home schools, churches, pastors and patriots who work daily to reverse the direction of education in America by publishing, preserving, safeguarding and training in the knowledge and tools needed to restore the principles of Christian self-government to our nation. Will you partner with us to:

  • Teach the Principle Approach to teachers and parents to distinguish true education from the many counterfeits and to communicate its qualities to others
  • Cultivate and nurture Principle Approach schools in churches and homes across the nation by making available training and The Noah Plan® curriculum
  • Identify through our Lessons in Liberty series, speakers that contrast false philosophies and their cultural applications with Biblical principles
  • Maintain the Hall-Slater Library, preserving nearly 12,000 volumes of original sources of American education and the primary sources of the Christian history of the U.S. Constitution for use by teachers, researchers, historians and writers
  • Publish the only existing dictionary that supports Biblical worldview reasoning, the facsimile edition of the original 1828 Noah Webster American Dictionary of the English Language

What will you choose for our future?

Our study of history teaches us that various political power-grabbers built their control of a nation by teaching children. Vladimir Lenin famously said, Give me four years to teach your children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted… give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik (the future Communist party) forever.

Contrast that with a Biblical worldview. Jesus said, Let the children come to Me, and do not stop them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.

Why do we wonder what has happened to our nation? The responsibility is clear.

It is imperative that American Christians own up to their neglect and take up the God-given duty to properly educate children. Repentance means reversing this evil blight upon our nation and reclaiming for Christ what is rightfully His—the children.

Will you partner with us to build on the momentum and vision of changing America that currently inspires our nation? Educating our children to ensure their future and preserve the posterity of our nation is the most important step to preserve our future.

Your gift of $250, $100, $50 or any amount will help us continue this important work, supporting those in leadership that teach and prepare America’s most important resource, the next generation. Help us provide a means for many individuals to attend workshops, receive intensive training and mentoring in how to provide a true education for children, supporting the process of restoring to Americans their heritage of liberty through learning.

For your gift of $100 or more, I would like to send you a copy of our newest publication Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government. This volume is a study of the very principles that should be taught in every school nationwide, as well as our churches and homes. It holds the secret for America to endure as a self-governing nation.

Thank you for your most generous gift today. It is truly appreciated and will be gratefully acknowledged.

It is possible to change the course of the current state of American education and with it a return to the most sacred ideals that built our nation. With God’s blessing and your prayers and gifts, we can reverse the tide of destruction. We anticipate great changes in 2018. Thank you!

For His Story,

Carole G. Adams

P.S. I would like to send a copy today of our recent publication Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government for your gift of $100 or more. If every student had the opportunity to study from this book, our nation would “turn around, overnight”. Thank you for your commitment to help restore true education to our children.

These columns are archived since 12/10/09


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