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2019-02-15 Political mechanics

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February 16, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –
Political Mechanics

Imagine how you would react if the government said the Christian faith you had believed and fought for all your life was wrong – even evil! Dedicated liberal activists have made a “religion” out of their beliefs. Those beliefs are being challenged. “Abortion” and “gun control” are like “communion” and “baptism” to them.

Since liberal doctrine is contrary to both the laws of nature (common sense) and “Revealed Law” (Bible) the challenge is overwhelming. The only defense for the liberal is anger and hate.

It all started when Satan wanted to be equal with God. Satan wanted power and authority. Liberals want power and authority. It is their “god”. They are free to lie, cheat and steal to get and defend it.

On the other hand, we are obliged to stay within the “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”. Our advantage is truth and reason which is always fighting to the surface, and the ultimate authority of God.

In the coming months the liberal forces will be fighting tooth and nail to defeat President Trump’s bid for a 2nd term. I believe the liberal insiders recognize they are likely to lose that battle. Their goal in fighting it is to keep our focus on the Presidential race while they systematically steal every possible district race in the country.

Orange county in southern California was long among the most conservative counties in America. In the last election the county went strong for the Republican candidate for Governor, yet every Republican congressional candidate lost! As far as I have heard, no one put up a significant challenge to the apparent local district voter fraud.

Recall the national spotlight on the recent efforts to misdirect votes in Florida. Only that spotlight appears to have saved the Senate and Governor’s race. When you consider the hundreds of such local races coming up in 2020, protecting the honest vote becomes an overwhelming task. What is to be done?

Each state legislature plays a major part in its own vote integrity. If you have a good one you are fortunate. If not, it will help to educate your friends and family on the mechanics of stealing local elections.

Remember, liberals will lie cheat and steal. Satan is the father of lies! There is a sure litmus test for candidates. If s/he is willing to take a public stand on abortion, homosex, and guns support his campaign every way you can. If not, it becomes a numbers game, vote for the best Republican alternative. (The more Republican wins, the more strength behind the good ones.)

If you have the interest and means, consider filing as a candidate. Many races go without a Republican candidate. Many races have no filing fee. Often you can win a primary race by default. Then, if you lose in the November election, you may still accrue party position and appointment authority.

Vote fraud opportunities are endless. Democrats have long used changing demographics. In the name of helping the poor (i.e. Democrat voters) they create housing projects in Republican states and districts. They change voting laws to favor Democrats. In the last Senate race in California there was no Republican candidate on the ballot!

Close elections are most often subject to recounts. Democrats win most of them in suspicious ways. Thus, Republicans that win, must win big! That is still possible! There will be armies of energetic high-school and college kids working the effort to inform and get out the vote (gotv).

The real battle is a Spiritual one. It will be won or lost by the intercessors (Those who pray that God will move minds and hearts in behalf of His plan for America.) Such prayers will release hands, feet, minds, and hearts to do the work.

My prayer has long been that the intercessors will grow in numbers and not be discouraged by current events. God is still in charge!

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