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219-03-24 Odds and ends

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March 24, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –

Odds and ends

A dear friend called this morning, “We haven’t received any of your blogs in a while. Are you all right?” The people on my blog mailing list are folks with whom I want to stay in touch. I haven’t the time to write that many personal letters, so I use this method.

A number of random thoughts are bubbling up. Thus, “Odds and ends.”

Praise the Lord! Our grandson, Brendan, is finished with his chemotherapy. We are looking forward to a good report. Now Susan and Bryan are beginning to gather the bills. Susan asked me to express their gratitude to all our friends who contributed to those expenses.

Regarding our American society: PLEASE remember the enemy will never stop trying to discourage you. He is a liar. He will always try to focus on what is wrong. When sharing thoughts with people remember truth is always fighting for the surface. All men are sinners. Give Satan a chance and he will maneuver you into defending your man’s sin. Just take the subject back to principle.

Speaking of “principle” – For the last four decades I have been thrilled with teaching what the Lord has given me on the subject. I have developed Parkinson’s disease symptoms (shaky hand and blurred speech). Many have asked me to “document” what I have been teaching. Typing with claw-like shaky fingers is very slow. I’ve been working on the “Principles of American Government” book for over a year. (Thus, fewer than normal blog posts.) I finished the manuscript draft today!

I am concerned about the 2020 house and senate races as well as the down-ticket races. All eyes will be watching the Presidential race. The opposition is experienced in lies, cheats and theft. Our side is mostly inexperienced, infiltrated, and sometimes indifferent. Our advantage is truth fighting to surface, righteousness, and an army of intercessors praying for the Lord strong arm. Without it the Presidency will likely be saved, but the rest of the races will likely be swept by a lying, cheating, thieving opponent that overwhelms the justice system.

God said He “would heal our land” if we would “turn from our wicked ways”. Our land has not been healed. What does that tell us? America needs His grace! Each of us must ask, “Is it me Lord?”

On that happy note, I wish you all a good night.

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