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"Take God out of anything and it dies!"
~ Ben Gilmore

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~ General George S. Patton

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~ Ben Gilmore

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2019-07-09 Keeping it simple

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July 9, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –

Keeping it simple

Just say it this way –

Do you really want to know what is true?

To begin with – Understand that truth exists. (Those who deny that truth exists cannot live consistently with their beliefs.) Others say that there are no absolutes. Ask them if they are absolutely sure.

Next – Point out the absurdity of belief that random chance could produce a functioning eyeball, much less a functioning human body! There must have been an intelligent designer. That point applies to our entire universe from the largest to the smallest detail.

Some say that such an intelligent designer exists, but after creation was “wound up” (i.e. set in motion) He set it on the shelf to run itself. Point out that there is a wholesome means of fulfillment for every need you discover. The Creator wants the best for you.

Nothing exists without a set of rules to govern (i.e. direct, regulate, control, restrain) it.
Since everything and everyone is obliged to this ultimate Creator for his / its existence, everything and everyone is obliged to obey His rules.

Common sense tells us we should love (want the best for -) the Creator God and one another.

Truth tells us we have violated His rules and become guilty. Guilt earns penalty. Unless forgiven, we must each pay our own penalty. Forgiveness is made possible by One who has not broken the rules, Jesus Christ, payed the penalty in your place.

He offers you forgiveness in exchange for your humbly confessing your guilt and accepting His grace.

Just as the Creator God, created the universe, in like manner you are the unique creator of your next choice. That choice becomes a permanent addition to world history – forever!

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