2019-08-28 The 5th Commandment

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August 28, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –

The 5th Commandment

“Honor thy father and thy mother, that your days may be long.”

Last Saturday our kids, (Guy, Fawn, Susan) hosted a celebration of my 90th birthday.

“… [T]hat your days may be long.” Fran and I have been so honored by our kids that they will live forever! We were so blessed as fifty friends from far and wide found their way to Guy & Linda’s home in the hills. Fawn & Steve drove up from Santa Rosa and Susan (Bryan had to stay home and work) flew in from Montana.

It was perfect weather, their home was a perfect venue – decorated for a party. Guy spent a day wood-smoking ribs and chicken. Friends visited with friends they hadn’t seen in years.

There was a time of sharing old memories. Nancy recalled an orientation technique I shared 40 years ago that she and others have used since. Scott shared a story of my student pilot days when I was learning about cross-wind landings. A gust lifted my right wing. When the dust settled I discovered grass stains on my left wingtip!

That lead to another flying story- After a month’s leave plus travel time, I hadn’t flown in six weeks. When I arrived in Korea they ordered me to regain my proficiency by boring holes in the sky for a while. I checked out an F-86 Sabre Jet and went sight-seeing over South Korea.

As I was about to enter the landing pattern, they closed the field for an emergency. A navy pilot had been hit in combat and needed our long (stationary!) runway to land. A second emergency hit just as I was about to land. Finally it was my turn. I went to the end of the runway, turned onto the taxiway and stopped at mid field waiting for clearance to cross the active runway and park. Suddenly everything went quiet. “K-13 tower, this is Air Force 493. I’m out of gas.”

The tower operator had just handled two back-to-back emergencies. “Air Force 493 – Where are you? What is our altitude? Can you glide to the base?” I replied, “K-13 tower – I’m parked under your tower!” That was my first flight in a war zone.

Late in the evening after all but family had left we opened the mountain of gifts and cards. WOW! What a legacy of love. Thanks to everyone who came and to the unnumbered friends who sent cards, e-mail, and good wishes on FB. To God be the glory!

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