2019-10-31 All Christians are sinners

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October 31, 2019

This is a letter to our friends –

All Christians are sinners!

And so is everyone else. The difference is that Christians have requested and received forgiveness and grace from Jesus Christ. In my teen years I thought I was a Christian. After all, I was an American and I went to church on Sunday!

The day after my High School Senior prom, I was walking across the George Washington Bridge in New York City, with a letter in my pocket that said I could enroll at Rice in Houston, Texas. I was about to hitch-hike there and earn enough in the summer to pay the bill in the fall.

Halfway across the bridge it occurred to me that I was scared. Someone had said, “When you are scared – pray.” That is the first time I recall praying. The result – I beat bus and train time to Texas, landed a job on campus with a salary and free room in the dorm, plus another in a large restaurant across the street with a salary and free food!

At that point I knew there was a God. I sent Him a shopping list and He sent a bag of goods.! Looking back, I can see how He arranged things in my life adventure, while He waited for me to learn. God is very patient (apparently!). He protected me in flight school and combat in Korea. He opened doors to finish college, graduate school, and several careers.

In Fremont, California (1964), we happened to attend a Baptist church. The Pastor said, “Remember three things: The Bible is the word of God; Jesus is who the Bible says He is; All the tings He said are true.” I had tried to read the Bible. It was dull and boring. I had no idea what Jesus said, “Help old ladies across the street? Don’t mess with your neighbor’s wife?”

About that time the Holy Spirit peeled me naked like a banana! It dawned on me that I had never even thanked God for His provision and protection! I walked to the foot of the cross, took the bag that was my life and dumped it out there. I felt much cleaner. As I stood up, I scooped a few things back into the bag that only God and I knew about.

Life was good! Someone rewrote the Bible, it came alive! I could not get enough. The life adventure went into high gear! Now and then I would be slammed into a wall. I asked, “Why God?” He pointed to the (almost) empty bag. Finally, I dumped it out and threw the bag in as well. – Hyperdrive!!!

“Dumping it all in” does not come easy! It requires confessing your sin to those you have sinned against, being of no reputation, and asking forgiveness. That was the most frightening and difficult thing in my life! The blood of Christ will not cover that which man will not uncover!

When I was harboring secret sin, I was discovering that I could not turn away from it in my own strength. It had to be a corporate effort with Christ and me. He could not do it alone and neither could I. I was wishing someone would “call me out” on it.

Well friend, I am calling you out! Pornography and lust (straight and homosex) appear to be the most often mentioned in Scripture. Are you willing, with Christ’s help, to hate the things God hates? America’s churches and America’s government are in desperate need of hyperdrive Christians!

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

On March 30, 2023 Ben Gilmore, the co-founder of ACHStudyGroups (co-founded with his wife Fran), went to be with the Lord in Glory.

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