2020-02-05 What just happened

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February 5, 2020

This is a letter to our friends –

What just happened?

Fifty-one of 100 U.S. Senators voted that President Trump is not guilty of Nancy Pelosi’s
First Article of Impeachment.

Fifty two of 100 U.S. Senators voted that President Trump is not guilty of Nancy Pelosi’s Second Article of Impeachment.

Please answer this question for yourself. Should any one of the 435 Representatives in the House of Representatives (House) be allowed to bring Impeachment charges against the President of the United States to the Senate for trial? How about the Speaker of the House alone? How about the Speaker and one or two of her many House Committees?

NO ! – The sole power of Impeachment belongs to the whole House. The whole House has yet to vote on Impeachment! When a House Committee demanded documents and testimony from the President and his staff he said, “No”. Then he sent a letter stating that the House must vote as a whole to give that authority to someone before he would honor their requests.

Ms Pelosi claimed he used his office to impede the House’s Impeachment investigation (Second Impeachment Article). I never heard the House Managers answer that point. Thus – It appears to me that everything that followed was without Constitutional authority. The majority of the House members (all Democrats) gave it false credibility by their silence. The U. S. Senate gave it false credibility by accepting the articles as valid. The Chief Justice gave it false credibility by presiding.

The President had no choice but to send his defense team. (Who featured the false credibility as their very first defense.)
The other (First) Impeachment Article is answered in like manner. Is a possibly corrupt candidate automatically immune from investigation because he is a candidate? The Democrats have consistently avoided that question by twisting the issue to claim Trump is self-serving by investigating corruption.

A good man, President Trump, has been and is being terribly slandered.
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