2020-07-05 A letter to my grand-kids

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July 7, 2020

This is a letter to our friends –

A letter to my grand-kids

Dear ones- I thought to send this to each of you in a personal note – but the almost universal need for such a letter prompted this blog format instead. There have been times when I wanted to take you by the collar and shake you until your teeth rattled. “You are making the same mistakes in your young years that I made! Why won’t you listen!”

You may already be aware of some of this, but the review will be useful to you and, perhaps. others. I suspect there are other grand-parents who can identify with these comments.

Thankfully! God has taught me that you must learn the same way I leaned – the hard way! This letter is what I wish my grandfather had placed before me. Honestly – I don’t know if I would have spent the time (then) to have read it. It is a lot easier to understand today in the context of 90 years than it is when you are living it the first time.

I will be thrilled if you (& your dear wives) will take the time to view this documentary. [Agenda 1 Grinding America down
&feature=youtu.be] Given the proper attention, it will enhance the way you raise your children. Much in the current culture encourages you to turn it off. If you will honor me, hear it trough. The problem is real. The suggested solutions are reasonable.

The rest of this “love letter” consists of random thoughts (advice and teachings).

The loving, creator God of the Bible exists – Loves you as individuals and wants to teach you how to love Him back. It is not hard. Humble yourself before an all-knowing “father-like” being. Talk to Him as you would to a loving father. Ask for His forgiveness, and direction. Then resolve to turn away from the things your conscience has been nagging you about.

That last step may seem like a hard one, but you alone are the one who creates your choices. The choices you create are who you are. Be brutally honest with yourself (and God!). Ask God to show your choices as He sees them!

Once you achieve a clear conscience protect it with your life! It will be your most valuable property.

Make a habit of praying and reading the Bible every day. Unless it becomes a habit, you are likely not to sense the value of it and drift away.

Know that I love you and lift you up before the Lord every day without fail. If you don’t have time to read this now, I hope you will save a copy for later.


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