2021-06-04 Optimism & Pessimism

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

This is a letter to our friends –

Optimism & Pessimism
I would rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right.

A pessimistic view of the power of the deep state is that not enough people are informed and activated to cause the Supreme Court to accept the evidence of vote fraud next August. Mike Lindell and his “Absolutely 9-0” [ www.frankspeech.com scroll to “Absolutely 9-0”] are going nowhere.

If the situation is not corrected, we may never have honest elections again.

An optimistic view is that there are already150 million viewers of this evidence ready to follow Lindell’s lead when he calls for it.

Will YOU be among Them?

If I am wrong and Lindell fails (I see no other such efforts to block offshore interference) it would be “safer” not to have spoken up.

If I am wrong and Lindell fails, but YOU told others about his evidence, you will be persecuted.

If I am right and Lindell succeeds – Will you be among those who told someone about “Absolute 9-0” and helped save a nation? – or – Will you be among those who did not stand and face-down evil?

To help understand the evidence, this is my understanding:

Each computer connected to the internet has a unique IP address. The IP address shows its location and owner.

Computers “speak” with millions of tiny “on/off” (1/0) switches.

A “bit” is an on/off switch.

A “byte” is a group of 8 bits.

A “packet” is a group of bytes.

Internet messages are coded into bytes, grouped into packets, and sent through the internet.

These packets are what you see in Lindell’s evidence.

Packets show the location, IP, and name of the sender AND the receiver, as well as the message, time/date stamp.

If copied real-time, “packet capture” (PCAP), they cannot be altered.

Last November 3rd & 4th a group of cyber patriots, suspecting fraud, set up to intercept and record PCAPs of offshore vote-flip commands.

These PCAPs are absolute proof that enough votes were flipped from Trump to Biden to flip the results. Trump won 2020 by over ten million votes!

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Ben Gilmore 1929-2023

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