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Saturday, November 6, 2021

This is a letter to our friends –

Understanding Chinese attack

It is important to understand what happened the night of November 3rd, 2020 (election night). It is easy to get lost in the details. This is my effort to make it easier to understand.

On election night almost every county-level election machine, in every state, was hacked. Votes were flipped from Trump to Biden. A group of “white-hat” cyber experts, suspecting what was afoot, prepared to document the theft of a national election.

Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, spent several months and big bucks confirming that documentation. It is solid. It is absolute and not subject to opinion. Because he has the funds and the platform, Lindell has taken the lead in exposing the situation. On next November 23rd, the Attorney Generals of several states will present the evidence to the Supreme Court.

Here is my understanding of what happened.

Every county has an election machine that gathers vote data and forwards it using the internet. That is where the votes were flipped.

Every computer connected to the internet has an IP address. That address shows the world-wide location and user. Internet messages are converted into computer language and broken into packets that stream over the net from sender to receiver. The “white-hat” cyber experts set up to capture copies of the packets (PCAP) on the county-level machines election night. This is a massive amount of data!

Note that a PCAP is like a photograph. It is what it is. I cannot be altered or changed. The PCAPS show the number of votes that were flipped in almost every county in the country. The location and user that sent the message. And the location and user of the machine that was flipped. Trump won by 20 million votes!

The reason the flips were spread over the whole country was to hide the situation. An almost supernatural event exposed the method.

We will call them the “Black-hats”. They started with the 2010 census data for each county. By 2020 many of those had moved or died. These names on the 2020 voter rolls were available as “ghost” voters. A complex formula (algorithm) was written for the computers to make it appear that Biden won a narrow race.

To illustrate that an algorithm did the voting – Take any county in any state. Look up the % turn-out for any age group, say 35 year-olds. You will find that the very same % of 35 year-olds turned out in every county in that state! It was all set up before election night. It did not matter how you voted.

Around 2am election night, the “black-hats” had a problem. The Trump turn-out was overwhelming the algorithm. They were running out of ghost voters. “Plan B” – stop the counting and create more ballots. Increase the Biden votes in the swing states.

What this shows is that we can not trust any elections using machines. We must return to paper ballots and voter ID. I suspect that this sort of “fix” has been going on for years, gradually shifting left. I suspect that Trump won 2016 because the turn-out was so unexpected that a “Plan B” was not in place.

For reliable updates www.frankspeech.com noon & 7pm eastern.

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